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One Life to Live Recap: Auld Lang Syne

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John: I just keep thinking something’s gonna happen to take it away.


Brody tells John that he’ll have Nora amend the marriage charges to include no parole for life. Brody calls out John for thinking about work, but John likens it to nerves. They bond over how far they’ve come, and neither can wait to be a father. Brody says Jess is keeping Natalie sequestered based on superstition, but John believes Natalie doesn’t ascribe to that.

Natalie and Jessica prepare in the library. Natalie is nervous, but neither twin thinks anything could go wrong. Rex and Gigi arrive, beaming about the wedding. Rex worries about Marty, but Marty swore to silence. Rex and Natalie believe blood isn’t a factor in creating a real family, and they’re thankful for each other. Rex and Gigi leave, and Jess gives Nat something old, new, borrowed, and blue all in one by way of a necklace gifted by Asa.

In the hall of the courthouse, Jessica waxes on about superstition. Natalie doesn’t believe in any of it, but Jess encourages her not to tempt fate. Judge Runyon arrives. He and Nat enter the courtroom before the beginning of the ceremony, and Jess thinks it’s a bad omen. Judge Runyon is delighted to perform the ceremony because it’s “good to see [John] happy.” Nat is touched when she realizes Jess and Brody decorated the courtroom.

At Capricorn, Rex and Gigi spy Marty, and Gigi admits that Marty “gives [her] the creeps.” Marty chugs the rest of her champagne and leaves. Rex worries when he notices that Marty is gone.

John and Natalie are ready and the ceremony begins. They exchange heartfelt vows and rings and are nearly pronounced husband and wife, when Marty bursts in, ordering them to stop.

Langston tries to occupy Starr, but Starr knows Langston is worried about Starr being alone. Starr could’ve celebrated with James, but she doesn’t trust herself. Langston thinks NYE is a “romantic and sexy” holiday and she’s not ready to trust that Ford won’t hurt her. Starr says, “go for it” because one never knows when life will change.

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Ford and James go to Capricorn. Ford cheers to “no dad” for the New Year, “thanks to [their] little brother.” James wants to thank Nate, and Ford gripes about James being a “drag of a date.”

Dani surprises Nate in jail. After Nate avoids her questions, Dani worries that Nate is not saying that he didn’t kill Eddie. Starr and Langston, followed by James and Ford, arrive. They’ll celebrate in jail, but Nate doesn’t want them there. He refuses to talk about the case (as does Tea, per Dani) and wants Dani at the party in Angel Square. Starr tells Dani her best coping method is leaning on friends and family. Even though she doesn’t want to, she needs to go on without Nate, just as Starr has done without Cole.

The group goes to Angel Square. Starr and James enjoy some silly dancing, Langston and Ford flirt, and Dani sits alone. Dani leaves and returns to jail in time to share a bittersweet kiss with Nate at midnight. Ford and Langston kiss as James kisses Starr; she reciprocates.

Aubrey is on the phone assuring the other person that Joey is unaware of what she’s hiding. Overhearing, Joey questions Aubrey. She lies, claiming she was speaking about her wedding dress. Aubrey wants to stay in, but Joey says they’re meeting Kelly. When Aubrey displays some jealousy, Joey soothes her fears.

At Capricorn, Kelly and Blair are discussing Aubrey when Cristian arrives, complaining about Layla and the magazine. Joey and Aubrey arrive and Aubrey freaks upon seeing the magazine on the bar. She feigns a fainting spell, and says she’s sick. She's best alone when in that state, and decides to return to the hotel. She wants reading material, and she picks up the magazine. When Kelly complains, Joey admonishes her.

Alone, Joey tells Kelly that Aubrey is jealous. Back in her room, Aubrey is relieved to have the magazine when there’s a knock. Kelly stops by Rex’s table to inform him that she realized the magazine was what Aubrey was hiding. At midnight, Rex and Gigi kiss and Kelly and Joey find themselves holding hands before sharing a hug. Meanwhile, a mystery man visits Aubrey. She smiles before throwing herself at him. They make out on the couch.

By the piano, Cris thinks Layla is consumed by her new and different world. He’s very upset that there’s no place for him. Blair believes the picture might just be proof that Layla needs to “play the game” to get ahead. Cris compares Layla’s boss to Blair, minus the age difference, and worries that Layla is legitimately attracted like Cris once was to Blair. Blair performs for the club. At midnight, Blair pulls Cristian into a sweet yet intense kiss.

Author's Note:  Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!  Wait, that's not right...