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Top 10 Babies Who Didn't Know Where They Were in 2010


No. 10: Jessica Leccia, One Life to Live

Memo to soap execs: Just because an actor is wildly popular on one soap doesn't mean they will work on another. We're sure One Life to Live was hoping Jessica Leccia would bring some of the old Otalia magic from Guiding Light along with her as she created the part of Inez Salinger. Unfortunately, all Leccia managed to bring with her were those deer-in-headlight stares and monotone deliveries that drove us crazy prior to her pairing with Crystal Chappell on GL. DC's Luke Kerr has often said Chappell did all of the heavy lifting when paired opposite Leccia on GL. After seeing Leccia painfully walk around Llanview trying to figure out where she was in 2010, the rest of us are finally inclined to agree with him.


No. 9: Texas Battle, The Bold and the Beautiful

It's really a shame Texas Battle even has to be on this list. It isn't like he got a lot of airtime in 2010. What little time he did appear in story on The Bold and the Beautiful as Marcus, he managed to make a complete ass of himself and the character. When Battle wasn't grinning like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and/or yelling out at Forrester fashion shows like he'd lost his doggone mind, "That's my cousin!", he was standing around looking constipated. With only a precious few contract roles for actors of color in daytime, we hate to see what could be a plum spot on the increasingly-diverse B&B continue to be wasted. As DC's Jillian Bowe recently pointed out, B&B's sister soap The Young and the Restless isn't doing anything with Bryton James (Devon). Wishful Casting, anyone?


No. 8: Sarah Glendening, As The World Turns

We knew our chances of getting Peyton List back for one last role in the hay with Dusty (Grayson McCouch) on As The World Turns were about as good as someone convincing Julianne Moore to return to the soap. Okay, we guess that isn't exactly a good example, but our point is we would have much rather Lucy and Dusty's last "Lusty" encounter be fodder for fan fiction writers than to see drippy Sarah Glendening return to the role. While Glendening certainly isn't the worst recast in the history of soaps, nor is she a particularly terrible actress, she's just so...blah. Here's hoping her performances won't prove as coma-inducing on All My Children.


No. 7: Denise Vasi, All My Children

It really must suck to be All My Children'sDenise Vasi. Last year her character Randi had a partner-in-dullness in Madison (Stephanie Gatschet), however in 2010, Madison ditched the distinction of being Tweedle Dee to Randi's Tweedle Dum by sparking in a promising pairing opposite Cameron Mathison's Ryan Lavery. As for Vasi, she was left to drag poor, talented Cornelius Smith, Jr. (Frankie) down in scene after scene. We keep saying this, Vasi is a strikingly-beautiful woman. We want to root for someone that gosh darned pretty, but until she get's herself enrolled in an acting class or three our blog-typing fingers are tied.


No. 6: Bree Williamson, One Life to Live

Sigh. Bree, Bree Bree. We really hate to put one of One Life to Live's most popular actresses on our list of Babies Who Didn't Know Where They Were in 2010, especially since we are generally fans of her work, but this girl could have been the poster child for this category in 2010! While the storyline that saw her character, Messica Buchanan, regressing to her teen years, after enduring electroshock therapy and a botched rape, courtesy of her bio dad, wouldn't do any actress any favors (And it was the gays Mainstream Americans were upset over?), someone forgot to tell Williamson she was playing a teenage Jessica, as opposed to a 4-year-old version. Seeing the actress pout, stomp her feet and screech about her "one true love" Cristian Vega (David Fumero) was some of the most awful mess we'd seen in daytime in a long time, and The Young and the Restless had dueling doppelgangers last year! Here's hoping OLTL's writers resist the urge to pen anymore over-the-top stories for Williamson for a looong time.

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No. 5: John Driscoll, The Young and the Restless

It was hard to believe the same John Driscoll we adored on Guiding Light as hyper, romance novelist Coop Bradshaw appeared on The Young and the Restless in 2010. Somewhere between Peapack and SoCal, Driscoll forgot how to sell a scene. Granted Y&R didn't help by giving the actor one plot driven caper after another (We still don't understand that effing dirty copy storyline. Can someone email us a Cliff's Notes synopsis?), the actor already showed us what he could do in a field in New Jersey with a handy cam trained on his nostrils, so we can't blame it all on the storylines. Maybe all those fancy sets and dressing rooms at Y&R made Driscoll a little bit too comfortable? You know, like when a prisoner gets out of jail only to want to go back. Whatever the ish was, we have faith Driscoll will win us over again, just not in Genoa City, no Chance in Hell.


No. 4: Brittany Allen, All My Children

Marissa Tasker was quite possibly the most ill-conceived All My Children character of the decade, yep including the unaborted fetus-turned-socipath. AMC never should have bothered creating Babe’s (Alexa Havins) fraternal twin in the first place. While fans loved Havins, many hated her character. Amanda Baker, Havins' replacement, never caught on in the part, which made Babe being turned into a human shish kabob the only redeeming part of Chuck Pratt's Tornado From Hell a few years back. So again, what exactly was the point of Marissa? Compound the pointlessness of the character with Brittany Allen’s lethargic acting, lack of screen presence and/or chemistry with her male leads in a front burner storyline, and fans had to choke down a perfectly unwatchable quadrangle in 2010. We can't say we're sad to see Allen go, not that we have high hopes for her replacement. (See No. 8 )


No. 3: Sean Young, The Young and the Restless

Overhyped and underwhelming are two words which come to mind when reflecting on faded movie star Sean Young’s stint as Meggie MClain on The Young and the Restless. We didn't know if Young was channeling one of those 1940's villains from one of the Turner Classic Movies Y&R's top lady Maria Arena Bell loves to watch, or if Young was opting to recite her lines with the same passion of a child rushing through his Easter Speech so he can join the others for the Egg Hunt, but something was amiss. Oh well, if this was what it took to get the fabulous Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) off the backburner, so be it. It's just a shame it took this hot mess to inspire the brass to write for their most popular heroine.


No. 2: Terrel Tilford, One Life to Live

Just looking outta the window,

Watching the asphalt grow — Good Times

Let's begin with a disclaimer. We love the Evans family, both on Good Times and on One Life to Live. We appreciate TPTB for giving us a black family after bitching about daytime's lack of diversity for the last few years on this blog and on our companion iTunes podcast. Shawn (Sean Ringgold), Destiny (Shenell Edmonds) and their parents, have been great additions to the show in recent years, that brings us to big bro/baby daddy...We sincerely hope Terrel Tilforddoesn't have splinters in the roof of his mouth, what with all the scenery he chewed in Llanview during his stint as Dr. Greg Evans. We thought he showed out with that hospital scene in 2009, but he was only getting started! Greg being blackmailed in 2010 gave the actor many more chances for tomfoolery. To be fair, OLTL seems to inspire highly "theatrical" performances, but even Bree Williamson and Brian Kerwin were shaking their heads at Tilford's over-emoting in 2010. Okay, no they weren't, but we certainly were. We see in Tilford the possibility of a decent soap hunk, if only he can learn to rein it in.


No. 1 Yvonne Zima, The Young and the Restless

What do you do when your soap has managed to create two of the most unforgettable, disturbingly-erotic supervillains in the history of the genre? If you are Maria Arena Bell at The Young and the Restless you rewrite history to say diabolical Nurse Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) bore not-so-Wonder Twins by Terrible Tom Fisher (Roscoe Born). Oh, but you don't stop there. No, you and your co-executive producer Paul Rauch go on a press tour, gushing about how much the feline half of your twin casting "popped" in her audition. We're still hoping it was a typo. Because Yvonne Zima's performance as Daisy has been poop from day one. The young woman came across about as menancing and present in scenes as a wounded opossum, that a farmer (who may or may not have been DC's Jamey Giddens' grandfather), struck with his shovel when he caught the varmint eating the radishes. Meanwhile, the promising actor who played Sheila's other egglet, Wilson Bethel (ex-Ryder)—who actually was deserving of praise—was unceremonially fired. Did we mention they brought back the one who couldn't act for another stint? Jesus take guys know the rest!