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New Oprah Series Goes Behind the Scenes


Oprah Winfrey cleverly found a loophole in her contract, which prevents her from doing a talk show on OWN while her current show wraps up its 25th and final season, by debuting a "behind-the-scenes" series on her new network that takes a look at the backstage on-goings at The Oprah Winfrey Show.

EW's Lynette Rice reports:

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Narrated by Winfrey, the show takes a behind-the-scenes look at the 25th and final season of Oprah before she rides off into the sunset next September. What a marvelous idea: I didn’t catch the premiere episode of Oprah but felt like I got a much better perspective of the adrenaline-fueled hour by watching Behind the Scenes. I doubt we’ll ever witness those truly authentic behind-the-scenes moments, like Winfrey possibly having an epic meltdown or executive producer Sheri Salata blowing up at her staff, but I definitely got the idea that it’s not all fun and games for the 464 employees at Harpo Studios in Chicago.

Moving forward, my hope is that we’ll learn lots more about those employees who bust their asses to make Oprah the No. 1 talk show (and where they’ll go after it all ends).

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