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One Life to Live Spoilers: Natalie Tries To Kidnap Marty!

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A wedding gone awry, an attempted kidnapping and a murder trial set things ablaze in the first week of 2011 in Llanview. I hope everyone ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of January 3.


Marty/John/Natalie/Jessica/Brody: Marty breaks up John and Natalie's wedding ceremony. Before Marty can reveal the truth about the paternity test, Jessica doubles over in pain from her abdomen. John and Brody rush her to the hospital, leaving Natalie and Marty alone. Natalie and Marty have it out in the courtroom over Marty’s recent stunt. Marty tries to go to the hospital, but Natalie stops her, causing Marty to fall and hit her head.

The next day, John finds Brody pacing the hospital floor waiting for Jessica's test results. He asks Brody if he's seen Natalie, because no one's heard anything from her since last night. Natalie has taken Marty to the Buchanan lodge, where she plans to keep her tied up while she returns to Llanview to confess the truth to John about the baby's paternity. Natalie starts to leave, but is stricken by labor pains. Natalie tries to make it out the door, but goes into full labor and is forced to stay put. Natalie pleads with Marty to drive her back into town to the hospital. However, Marty tells Natalie that she showed no mercy where her son Cole was concerned, and outright refuses to help Natalie with her baby. Marty leaves Natalie at the lodge, alone, in labor.

Jessica waits for the test results with her family. Vivian diagnosis Jessica with a condition that puts her and the baby at risk due to the scar tissue from the gunshot wound Jessica suffered in 2010. Vivian tells Jessica she needs an emergency c-section. Jessica doesn't want the c-section because she is afraid the baby is not ready yet. Viki and Brody talk Jessica into having the C-section. Will Marty grow a conscience and help Natalie with her baby?

Starr/Langston/James/Ford: Starr tells Langston what happened after her New Year's Eve kiss with James and James does the same with Ford. Ford and Langston meet up and push James and Starr to do something about their somewhat confusing relationship. James, with the intention that he's helping Starr stay faithful to Cole, tells Starr he needs to start dating. Later on, Starr tells Dorian that she was going to tell James that she wanted to try a relationship with him, but in the end believes his decision is the best.

Blair and Cristian realize their kiss is getting a little too good and quickly pull away. Cris decides to call Layla and gets upset when a man answers the phone. Later on, Blair and Cristian wake up together. Cristian helps Blair open Eli's mysterious box and discovers an oil portrait of her. Will Blair and Cristian continue their new relationship?

Kelly/Joey/Rex/Aubrey: Kelly and Joey get close to a kiss, but decide against it at the last second. Kelly talks to Rex about the French magazine that contains clues to Aubrey's secrets. Rex tries to look into it but gets pulled away from his work by Gigi. Kelly decides to sulk at Capricorn. In the meantime, Aubrey fully reunites with her mystery man. Will Joey ever find out about Aubrey's secrets?

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Nate/Tea/Todd: Nate's arraignment day arrives and Tea is in full lawyer mode. She announces to the court that she knows who really killed Eddie. Tea suggests that Todd killed Eddie just as Todd shows up in the courtroom. Todd is upset at Tea's suggestion but waits to confront her about it. Tea manages to get Nate's charges dropped, but Nate announces that he's guilty. Nate is taken to jail as Todd confronts Tea. Tea tells Todd it's all part of her plan and she really thinks Inez killed Eddie. Will Tea be able to prove her assumption is correct?

David/Dorian/Clint/Viki/Echo: In Morocco, David Vickers fails at an attempt to escape from prison. Word of the attempted escape gets back to Clint in Llanview, and he takes off for Morocco to fix the situation. In Llanview, David's Have-A-Seat commercial airs and the whole town sees it. Dorian yearns for David when she sees the commercial. Viki shows up at La Boulaie and thanks Dorian for making Echo go away for Christmas. It doesn't take Viki long to realize that Dorian is shook up from David's commercial and still misses him. Before Viki leaves, she tells Dorian that she [Dorian] still loves David no matter what she says. Dorian makes up her mind to find love again. Viki gets a call from John that Jessica is in the hospital.

Clint arrives in Morocco and has bad news for David. After Clint leaves, David manages to convince a guard to give him his phone. David phones Dorian and tries to tell her everything that has happened in the past few months. However, Dorian isn't hearing it and has her mind made up to move on. David is determined to get free and get back to her. In the meantime, Dorian figures out that Echo is using her drinking problem to get closer to Charlie. Echo and Charlie attend an AA meeting and she admits that she bought some vodka after a conversation with Dorian. Charlie helps Echo throw the vodka in the trash. Dorian sneaks into the AA meeting in disguise and witnesses the whole thing. Later on, Charlie gets the vodka out of the trash. Can Dorian expose Echo's real plan before it destroys Viki and Charlie's marriage?

Matthew/Nora/Bo/Inez: Matthew asks Nora if she's ever cheated on Bo. Bo calls Nora, begging for forgiveness, but she ignores his call. Rex wakes up in a cold sweat about the secret he's hiding from Bo about David. Bo sees Nora and tries to talk to her, but she's having no part of it and walks away. Rex hints to Bo that Inez drugged him.

Speaking of Inez, she has it out with Nora. Nora slaps the taste out of Inez's mouth tells her a piece of her mind. Nora storms out and Bo arrives a little later to see Inez. Bo asks Inez if they really had sex and his questions upset her. Bo leaves and meets up with John. Bo tells John he thinks Inez drugged him is lying about their one-night stand. A light bulb goes off over John's head and he realizes that possibility would have given Inez the chance to murder Eddie. Can Bo prove that Inez drugged him?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (January 10):

  • John finds Marty holding Natalie's newborn baby.
  • Joey stands up for Aubrey to Kelly.
  • Roxy confronts Marty.
  • Tea thinks Nate is covering for Inez.
  • Charlie feels the urge to drink.
  • Inez quits her job.