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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas' Feelings For Brooke Grow!


Thomas/Brooke: The Forrester heir's attraction for Brooke intensifies at the Taboo press conference in Paris. When he hears his stepmother and father have a sweet video chat, Thomas finally realizes Brooke is only in love with one man, Ridge.

Ridge/Taylor: Doc's mind runs wild with "what ifs" regarding Thomas and Brooke. Ridge tries to ease her overactive imaginations.

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Stephanie: La Forrester gives Taylor the 411 regarding her health status.

Eric/Stephanie: The two bond.

Amber/Liam/Hope/Oliver: Hope lights into Amber for enticing Liam. Tawny jumps in to cover for Amber. Meanwhile, Oliver finds out all about Liam and Amber's "tryst" and tells her and mama Moore to hit the bricks from the garage apartment. Amber tells Oliver about her pregnancy, but quickly lies and says the bun in her oven is all Liam's.

Nick: The sailor saves the day and presides over Owen and Jackie's renewal ceremony. Later, Nick and Taylor have a chat.