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All My Children Spoilers: Liza and Damon Have Sex!

Here’s the Scoop!


Before we hit the scoops though, what an episode on Monday! All My Children hit 2011 running and much of the credit is due to Susan Lucci. Fantastic job by the grand dame of the show and as I’ve always said, AMC needs to refocus around her and Erica Kane.

Now that Erica and Caleb have locked lips… and that Caleb knows it was really Kendall who pulled the trigger, what’s next for them? Caleb doesn’t know what to do with either situation. Despite having feelings for his client, Caleb tells Erica that he will continue on as her attorney and informs Liza that his client will take the lesser charge. Unfortunately, Liza turns Caleb down. Will Liza take Caleb’s advice and reconsider?

Does David know it was Kendall? That could be a hitch in Erica’s plan. Worried that Kendall may remember shooting David, Erica tries to convince her daughter that the medicine she’s on is adding to her anxiety. Erica tells Kendall to forget about the whole pillow thing as no crime was committed. Finding Erica in David’s room again, Liza wants to know why she’s there. Erica lays into Liza, accusing her of being jealous of Erica’s success. As Jack and Erica leave David’s room, he says Kendall’s name.

Now for my favorite couple, Annie and JR! Annie resolves to never be the other woman again and Crazy Annie continues to show up. Ryan chimes in on JR and Annie’s relationship, telling JR he better treat Annie right so that she doesn’t have another trip on the crazy train. Always with a plan, Annie tells JR she’s sick in hopes that he will race over to take care of her. JR, however, has a check-up and Marissa doesn’t think Annie should put his health at risk if she’s under the weather. Marissa goes with JR to his check-up where the doctor declares him cancer-free. Happy with the news, the two embrace as Annie watches. Annie is not happy with Ryan for issuing JR a warning and tells him to stay out of her relationship. Will JR delay his divorce?

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Damon and Colby are over. Big surprise, I know. With Damon’s exit imminent, the path is clear for Asher and Colby. When Liza tells Colby that Adam wasn't a loving father, Colby lashes out. Damon attempts to mend fences between Colby and her mom. Later on, Asher tells Colby he can’t believe anyone not loving her. The two end up in a smooch which is spied by Damon. 

Damon and Liza have sex! Way to put them together as he exits! When Damon tells Liza that he and Colby are over, they kiss. Look for the cougar/cub to hit the sheets before he exits Pine Valley, sending shockwaves through town. 

What about my least favorite couple? Greenlee and Ryan which now also includes a knocked up Madison. Sorry for their fans, but this is the most boring triangle ever. While Kendall is laid up in PVH, it’s Ryan and Madison who arrange for the boys to visit their mother. Greens continues to fret over the bun in Madison’s oven as she’s changed her mind about moving to NYC. Frankie wants Madison to watch her back when it comes to the pint sized mogul.

Scott is making his way back. JR tells Marissa he went to see Scott. Scott has a warning for Ryan, JR is has plans to take over Cambias. Greenlee pays Scott a visit hoping she can help him and Greens thinks Scott may be the answer to her Madison troubles. Will Greenlee testify at Scott’s parole hearing?

RANDOM and CRAZY… Kendall has a job offer for Madison at Fusion. Griffin and Kendall grow closer. Colby tries to stay away from Asher. Ryan suspects that Zach was murdered and Madison overhears. Tad tries to be there for his son. Ryan plays white knight for Kendall and Madison, vowing to protect them from Zach’s enemies. Annie becomes more unraveled. Marissa gets knocked out by Annie when a door gets in the way. Is there another man is Kendall’s orbit? What secret is Cara holding onto?