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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Sami Plots Against EJ and Nicole!


After splitting with Brady, Nicole tells EJ they can get married. The two head off to the pier with the children to watch the fireworks and bump into Rafe and Sami. Nicole and Sami start to get into a bitchfest when Nicole drops the bomb about her upcoming nuptials to EJ.

Sami is horrified by the news and is hellbent on stopping the marriage before it starts. Later, EJ presents Nicole with a lovely bracelet, which also happens to have a tracking device inside. He lets Nicole know if she ever removed the bracelet, he will keep her away from Sydney.

EJ fills Stefano in on his upcoming wedding to Nicole. The Phoenix isn't happy about the plans. The next day, Sami steps up her plan to stop EJ from marrying Nicole. She pretends to be speaking with Brady on the phone, telling him he and Nicole can use her loft to meet secretly, knowing Stefano is listening. Sami wants Stefano to believe Nicole is still seeing Brady so he can go back and tell EJ. It works like a charm as Stefano marches off to tell Elvis.

EJ heads to Sami's loft and busts her on the ruse. Meanwhile, Stefano and Nicole have a heated showdown witnessed by Johnny. The little boy grabs his FBI jacket and backpack and runs off to the Salem PD! EJ gets a phone call about Johnny running away. At the same time, Sami gets a message from Rafe about Johnny reassuring her the little boy is safe with him at the cop shop. EJ leaves without telling Sami what is going on.Sami off to share time with her son.

Kayla: Sweetness goes after Carly.

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