Ellen Greene on Y&R Character: "Primrose Will Bring Happiness Into Billy's Life"

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TV Guide's

Michael Logan

spoke with veteran actress

Ellen Greene 

about her upcoming role on 

The Young and the Restless

. Greene, who will play Primrose on the soap, revealed she nearly passed on the job and dished what ultimately what made her rethink her decision.

TV Guide Magazine: So what changed your mind about playing Primrose?

Greene: I read the script. It was so good I was shocked. I just had to do it. I can only tell you this much: Primrose will bring happiness into Billy's life. Anything more and they will have to annihilate me. That Billy Miller (Billy) is a very good actor, by the way. So much fun to work with, and such a dear. In fact, every single person at Y&R was kind to me.

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