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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly worries that the bus crashed, since she heard crashing noises while on the phone with Morgan. Nikolas and Brook notice Carly’s concern and decide to head over to the hospital to help, while Carly and Jason head out to find the crash site.


Steven’s the first one to come to and he quickly finds Cameron. He makes sure he is ok and leaves him with some kids who have also come to. Matt wakes up with a broken arm. Maxie can’t get cell service on her phone and wonders how long it will be before someone notices they’re not where they should be.

Kristina, Michael and Molly find Taylor and Allie and realize Morgan’s missing. The bus driver dies. Allie has a first aid kit and decides to start a fire. Michael’s worried Morgan fell out of the bus in the opposite direction and ended up in the ravine.

Michael and Taylor head off to find Morgan and come across Olivia, who appears to have internal injuries. They quickly get her to Steven. Maxie checks on Cameron and then comes back to Matt who assures her that no one will die. Kristina’s freaked out about Morgan missing and Molly does her best to be positive.

Steven and Olivia make small talk and she admits she knows she’s in trouble. She begs him to let Dante know how much she loved him, if something happens to her.

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Luke stops by the PCPD to talk to Lucky to see if he can find an old ‘friend’, who’s hiding in the Czech republic with some diamonds. Luke wonders if Lucky wants to go with him, and although Lucky is tempted, he turns his father down. Lucky wonders why Luke would threaten his new marriage by pulling off a heist, while on his honeymoon with Tracy. Tracy shows up, wondering what’s up, but Luke tells her he was only asking Lucky to look in on Lulu while they’re gone and the two head out.

Siobhan shows up because Lucky stood her up for their date. They small talk about Luke’s adventures and how Lucky might be interested in joining his father. Lucky gets the call about the accident. He calls search and rescue and asks the hospital for a list of passengers. Siobhan heads out to get them something to eat. When Lucky finally gets the list, he’s shocked to see Cameron’s name on it.

Alexis and Sonny discuss the ski trip, while waiting for Theo to show up. Sonny’s not impressed that Theo is late and when he does show up, is even less impressed with Theo’s arrogance. Sonny feels Brenda and Dante shouldn’t have to pay for the death of a bottom feeder. Theo reminds him that the bottom feeder was someone’s son and wonders how Sonny would feel if his son was taken from him and killed. Sonny feels Brenda is a victim, who only killed the man to save Dante. Theo feels Dante will be biased towards his father’s girlfriend. Carly calls Sonny to let him know the bus has crashed.

Robin and Liz are discussing their kids, when Nikolas and Brook arrive, surprising everyone with the news of the bus crash. Liz admits to Nikolas that she’s scared and upset. Nikolas hugs her and tells her he’ll stay with her while Brook watches from the sidelines.

Sonny and Alexis get to the hospital and she’s upset that she’s not getting any answers. Alexis also rants about the lack of GPS or cell phones on the trip. Dante and Brenda show up and Patrick breaks the news that Olivia was on the trip.

Carly feels regret that she blew off the trip with her kids and wonders when she’ll realize that her kids mean more to her than anything. Viewers wonder the same thing.

Morgan’s hat is found. When the kids hear a vehicle, Michael runs up the embankment, but there is no car coming.