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General Hospital Spoilers: Olivia's in Bad Shape!

Here’s the Scoop!


I like the bus crash story arc. So much so that I actually fired up GH on the DVR before OLTL, its crazy, I know! Today in bus crash news, Michael finds his brother with a broken leg. Krissy freaks when Taylor’s closeness to keep her warm gives her flashbacks of Kiefer. Molly and Michael manage to call 911. Help arrives and Dante rushes to be by his mom’s side. Matt and Maxie are there for each other. Olivia gets a lift via Life Flight. Carly has feelings of guilt for not being there for Morgan and for being the reason Olivia is in such bad shape. The doctors at GH put all the b.s. aside and work as a team. Abby arrives at the hospital hoping to hear news about Michael, instead she meets Sonny. How or why this fits in I’m not sure, but Brenda asks Kristina and Molly to be her bridesmaids.

Patrick is in the OR with Olivia as his patient! Dante is afraid his mother won’t make it through the surgery. Lulu is there for her boyfriend. After surgery, Dante stays with Olivia still fearful she might not pull through.

Carly and Sonny always want the best. Thankfully for them, there is a visiting pediatric surgeon at GH, Dr. Clark. Lisa knows Dr. Clark from her past. Impressed, Steve offers Dr. Clark a spot on GH’s staff. Will Lisa use her old friend on her mission to break-up Robin and Patrick?

Who else is hurt? Matt has that broken arm and Maxie wants Lisa nowhere near her man. Ali collapses out of nowhere. Remember she said she hit her head. RUMORS have had Ali dying all along. Michael is concerned that Molly is suffering from post traumatic disorder from the crash.

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Elizabeth sees how close Lucky and Siobhan are when they comfort Cameron. Nikolas feels out of place at GH. Jason has a moment with his son.

Wedding, wedding, wedding. Brenda is all about her wedding. Sonny gets Dante to agree to be his best man.

Theo aka The Balkan won’t stop, even for a Guza crisis. He wants to question Dante, but Sonny won’t let him interrupt his son who is sitting vigil at his mother’s bedside. Theo is only held off for so long and finally gets to question both Dante and Brenda. The Balkan is still on the path of revenge. Theo is also in the midst of his malpractice suit against the hospital. Can Robin convince him to drop the case?

Carly is crazy over Abby. She is so close to losing her shit over Michael dating Abby. Michael tells Abby not to worry about his dad. Carly loses it to Sonny over their son and his lady love. They don’t see eye-to-eye on how to handle the situation. Carly once again has words for Sam regarding her friend and then attempts to bribe Abby away from Michael. When Abby says no thanks, Carly levels a threat against the dancer.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Liz won’t take any money from her brother. Carly needs Diane’s help. Diane and Spinelli, co-authors? Patrick knows something isn’t right about Johnny and Lisa. Sonny has a nightmare. Lisa uses Terrell against Patrick. Carly makes threats. Abby is arrested. Jason finds out there is a traitor. The Balkan is in contact with the traitor. Something is changing Sam’s life. The Davis girls face another crisis.