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One Life to Live Recap: Dog Days Are Over

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Marty: Well, if your insignificant night with Natalie isn’t worth mentioning, why is it so big that it could blow up Jessica’s life?

Marty interrupts the wedding ceremony. Jessica and John ask if something’s wrong, but Marty claims to have important news to deliver. She needs to talk with Jessica. Brody pulls Marty into the hallway and reaffirms his previous threats. Marty isn’t frightened. When Brody says that everything has worked out, Marty makes insinuations about Nat’s baby. “What’s going on?” asks Jessica.

In the courtroom, Nat and John tell Judge Runyon to finish the ceremony, but he’s unable to without witnesses. John blames himself for Marty’s erratic behavior, but Natalie disagrees. John promises that they will marry before the night is over.

Before Marty can spill, Jessica feels a sharp pain. John and Natalie join them in the hall and worry about Jessica. Another pain occurs, and John and Brody insist on taking Jess to the hospital. Natalie will follow after she gathers their belongings. Marty wants to check on Jess, but Natalie refuses to allow Marty near her sister. Nat vows that she and Marty are going to finish things “once and for all.”

Rex and Gigi kiss at midnight and discuss their resolutions. Rex is concerned that Marty has left and he wants to call Natalie, but Gigi stops him. Rex notices Blair and Cristian kissing and is impressed that they “haven’t come up for air.” Gigi believes that Layla will find out when Rex talks to Adriana.

Kelly and Joey hug, but decide not to kiss out of respect to Kevin and Aubrey. Joey sees Blair and Cris making out and is annoyed that anyone would make a move on another’s fiancé. Joey gets defensive when Kelly points out that Joey has a lot of faith in Aubrey. He’s just upset that Clint assumes the worst in Aubrey. Kelly thinks Clint is just being protective.

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Rex and Gigi bicker about Adriana and Kelly. As if on cue, Kelly walks up and wants Rex to break into Aubrey’s room again. Gigi reminds Kelly that she and Rex are on a date. Kelly says that Aubrey’s desperation was evident, and she offers to send Rex and Gigi on a trip to Europe if Rex will go to work immediately. Rex says he’s off-duty.

Joey wanders over and accuses Rex of still being into criminal ventures. Gigi and Kelly scramble to cover, telling Joey they used the word “snoop” in reference to the “Snoop Dogg dance” that Snoop taught Rex. Rex is forced to improvise some horrible moves. Joey leaves, and Rex tells Kelly to let it go.

At the carriage house, Rex is searching the magazine’s website and Gigi is irritated that he’s oblivious to her seduction. Gigi removes her clothing and throws it at Rex’s head. He finally notices and they have sex. Afterward, when Rex is still thinking about the magazine, Gigi hits him with a pillow and he decides it will keep until morning.

Aubrey and Cutter share a steamy reunion until Aubrey puts a stop to it. It’s revealed that not only are they an item, but they have a mysterious plan. Is Joey the direct target, or just a piece of the puzzle? Joey calls to check on Aubrey, and she insists that he stay at Capricorn. Cutter rolls his eyes when Aubrey declares her love to Joey. Aubrey wants Cutter to return to Europe, but he’s staying in Llanview.

Cutter hides as Joey shows up with chicken soup. Once Joey’s in the other room, Cutter sneaks out, but not before assuring Aubrey that he’ll hack into the website and remove the picture. She kisses him, goes into the bedroom, and has sex with Joey. Alone at Capricorn, Kelly thinks about Joey, as Cutter sits down at the bar behind her.

Blair and Cris get carried away kissing. Once they stop, they commiserate over their lackluster circumstances. They are each comforted by the other being such a good friend. Cris wants Blair’s opinion about whether or not he and Layla will survive, but Blair thinks, “Marriage is a sucker bet.”

Jack is trying to break into Blair’s mystery box with a power drill when Sam enters. Jack is frustrated, and he asks Sam if he has any acid; Sam’s fresh out. Jack suggests dropping the box off the roof, but Sam thinks it will only bounce. Sam proposes explosives, and Jack is impressed. As they head to the attic, Blair and Cris enter La Boulaie, and Jack shouts at Sam to run. As Blair races after them, Cris calls Layla and is shocked when Stefan answers.

Blair returns to the living room and trips over the box. Cris tosses his phone and announces that Layla’s cheating. Stefan was drunk, but Cris takes issue with him staying with Layla versus taking a taxi home. After polishing off much champagne, Blair doesn’t want Cris to drive, so she suggests he stay. She makes a Freudian slip when she says that she’ll show him to her room. Her toe hurts, so Cristian scoops up Blair and carries her upstairs.