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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Billy Goes to The Mat For Victoria!


Billy: The playboy goes all out to give Victoria a child.

Victor: Mr. Moneybags gets a cold reality check when he learns others can get down and dirty when doing battle.

Paul/Heather: Father and daughter start to realize things aren't kosher with Chance's death.

Colin/Cane: The senior Ashby keeps placing the screws to Cane. He wants his son to move back to the land Down Under. Cane shoots down his father's demands. Colin doesn't relent and decides to use his newfound romantic involvement with Jill to get closer to Lily and the twins.

Cane starts to feel the walls closing in on him. He realizes he can't allow his father's presence in Genoa City ruin things. Watch for Cane's past to finally be exposed.

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Katherine/Jill: The grand dame's sixth sense is on high alert when it comes to Jill's latest paramour. Katherine decides to hire Paul and Nina to dig into Colin's past. Jill learns what her old rival is up to sparking a whole new round of their feud.