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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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As they get closer to the resort without seeing the crash site, Jason realizes they’re on the wrong route. Suddenly, he remembers Morgan mentioning the diner and heads over to Route 55. Carly continues to worry and regret and Jason continues to assure her that her kids are strong, thanks to her, and will be fine.


Brenda and Dante head out to the site as well and after finding out that no crashes have been called in on Route 10, they also switch to Route 55. Brenda rambles on about Sonny and how good he is with his kids, but Dante’s worried about his mother and is sorry that he treated her like crap when he found out Sonny was his father. 

Alexis continues to worry about her girls. Sam shows up at the hospital on another matter and is surprised when Alexis tells her about the crash. Sam wishes she’d gone on the trip, so she could help now. Nikolas assures her that the kids will be able to take care of themselves until help gets there. Alexis comforts Elizabeth.

Liz and Lucky connect over the phone. He lets her know that search and rescue are out looking for the children and she regrets having sent Cameron. Liz profusely apologizes, but Lucky says he doesn’t blame her.

Robin mentions to Patrick how grateful she is that they shared Christmas together and worries about Maxie.

Molly continues to wonder why they haven’t been found yet. Molly and Kristina proceed to snipe at each other. Michael finds Morgan with a broken leg and carries him over to the others.

Maxie and Matt continue to small talk and she realizes she needs to start appreciating him more. He assures her that they’ll be rescued.

Steven tries to keep Olivia talking. Michael gets Steven to check Morgan, and make a temporary splint. While she’s alone, Olivia coughs up blood. When he returns, Steven gets her to keep talking so she doesn’t lose consciousness. He gets her to talk about Dante and his childhood.

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Michael and Molly head back up to the road. They find a cell phone and manage to get a signal to call 911, who relays him to the PCPD and Lucky. Michael lets him know where they are and how many are injured before losing signal. Mac shows up looking for an update. Lucky lets Jason know the location of the children. Word gets to those waiting at the hospital

Brenda and Dante get to the crash site first and Michael takes him down to the others. Dante worries over Olivia, who assures him she’ll be fine.

Jason and Carly show up and Carly’s thrilled to see Morgan. The teens are sent up to the road to wait with Brenda for the ambulance, while Carly reassures Morgan that he’ll be fine. She commends him for being on the phone when the bus crashed; otherwise it would have taken longer to know that the accident happened.

Molly and Kristina gush over Brenda, who asks them both to be involved in the wedding and wonders if they can be friends.

Alexis and Sam are thrilled to hear the kids are okay. Alexis wishes Sam had been there, since she can count on her in a crisis. Alexis claims she’s never letting her girls out of her sight again, but Sam laughs her off.

Robin lets Sonny know everyone’s condition. Brenda calls Sonny to let him know as well. Robin asks about Maxie and gets word that she’s okay. Robin and Patrick discuss Matt’s broken arm and how they appreciate each other a little more, which Lisa listening in on.

Liz gets word that Cam is okay and thanks Nikolas and Brooklyn for waiting with her.

Abby shows up at the hospital, worried about Michael. She and Sonny make small talk about the bus crash and when he asks who her friend is, he’s shocked when she says Michael.

Matt and Maxie help Cameron up to the road. Paramedics arrive and get Olivia out. Dante thanks Steven who says Olivia hung on for him.