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General Hospital Spoilers: JaSam Baby RUMORS!

Here’s the Scoop!

More Wedding Details…It’s like the royal nuptials with more wedding news hitting the press. Brenda asks Jason to give her away and despite his apprehension towards the actual marriage, he agrees! Brenda and Sonny have a wedding planner Carol, who is a little over the top. RUMOR has it that Sonny and Brenda ask Dante to stand up as Best Man. Is the reason he accepts because he can't say no to Brenda? Lulu wants her man to say no to protect the pint-sized model. She’s over his assignment with the beauty.

The JaSam Baby RUMORS… You all know A. that I am not a JaSam fan and that B. I am not a fan of the miracle for any character. So here is what I could dig up. Maybe we should cover some important history first. As I remember it, it’s not that Sam can’t get pregnant; it’s that she shouldn’t since she is unable to carry a baby to term without some serious health problems for mother and baby. Every woman has her annual check-up with the gynecologist and if you don’t go, you should! Sam goes to hers where she finds out there has been advancement in medicine that could allow her to have a child. For reasons unknown to me, Sam is not examined after learning about the fancy new procedure. Will she tell Jason about possibly being able to start a family of their own? SPOILER has it Sam confides in her latest BFF Abby.


I mentioned Molly and possibly suffering from PTSD… could it be something else? SPOILERS say Molly and her Uncle Sonny have a conversation about his bi-polar disorder. Molly scares Kristina when she freaks out.

Michael’s secret is coming out… SPOILERS are pointing to Michael disclosing what happened behind those prison bars and that it will have a profound effect on the adults in his life. Especially, since they ALL played a role in why he ended up in Pentonville. RUMORS say it’s his relationship with Abby that finally has it coming out. When these two just can’t make it work between the sheets, Michael tells Abby why he’s gun shy.

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Speaking of Abby… As I mentioned, Carly wants her GONE! She’ll even deliver a threat towards Sam who is not interested, at all.

Johnny warns Lisa that Patrick is on to her. How long will Dr. Niles make everyone else look so stupid? I mentioned that Patty boy sees Lisa and Johnny together leading him to wonder what is going on between the two. Dr. Drake confronts the Mob Prince and tells Johnny to watch out where Lisa is concerned. Johnny stands up for Lisa to Patrick and then continues to blackmail the crazy doctor.

Dr. Terrell Clark… We know he and Lisa have a past. We know Lisa will attempt to play Dr. Clark and Dr. Drake off one another. He’ll also mix it up with Robin, much to Lisa’s delight, who overhears the two connecting over Terrell telling Robin about his friend succumbing to AIDS. When Lisa compliments Terrell on his tactics with Robin by using HIV as a way in, he tells her he wasn’t lying. RUMOR has it that we may also see some chemistry testing with Terrell and Elizabeth.

The money Steve offers Elizabeth… SPOILERS say it is for Cameron’s therapy. Not sure what type of therapy he needs. Regardless, isn’t that what Health Insurance is for?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Brook and Nikolas kiss! Will Brenda and Sonny not be together on their wedding night? How does Lucky really feel about Siobhan? Someone or some crisis always seems to get in Sam’s way when she tries to talk to Jason about the new procedure. Will she ever come first in his life? Nikolas and Brook almost do it, almost. Who else does Dr. Clark know in Port Chuck? Is Jason worried about Siobhan? RUMOR has it he wants Elizabeth to keep her away from the boys. Will Carly let Sonny and Brenda say “I Do” only to reveal the baby news at the couple’s reception? Lisa has something on Terrell. Are Brenda and Dante disappearing?