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One Life to Live Recap: Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)

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David: I believe in karma. I believe in purity, in goodness. They are rewarded in this world, while lying and cheating and stabbing people in the back are punished!

David writes with chalk on his cell walls and monologues about being alone and seeking revenge. David talks to a “life-like sketch” of Dorian that he’s drawn to keep himself company. Guards arrive to search the cell for a missing spoon, but David hides it in his sleeve. They discover he was trying an escape, and they threaten to scoop out his eyes. His eyes are one of his best features, and David offers a kidney instead.

David screams “Pa” in the background when the guards call the Buchanan Mansion to alert Clint. They toss a bucket of water over David’s drawing of Dorian. David appeals to one guard and offers an autograph from the star of “Supermodel Crime Club” in exchange for one call. The guard tells a pleased David that he’ll think about it.

Viki arrives at La Boulaie for a late visit with Dorian. They share drinks and discuss how Dorian would prefer to take an illegal approach with Echo, ideally throwing her in a foreign jail and forgetting she exists. Dorian regales Viki with the story of Echo falling down the chimney. The women laugh, and Viki thanks Dorian.

Dorian’s helping because Viki and Charlie belong together, but Viki thinks it’s about missing David. Dorian is adamant that David is a “dead issue”, but Viki is disbelieving. After chastising Dorian for decades, Viki’s shocked she’s now actively participating in a scheme, but Dorian just thinks Viki’s “smartened up.” Viki receives a call from John regarding Jessica. Alone, Dorian watches David’s HAVE-A-SEAT commercial and sighs.

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Nora lies on the couch, and she flashes back to her wedding dance with Bo. She sadly stares out the window, when Matthew wanders in, awake because of bad dreams. Matthew apologizes for hurting Nora, but he should “never apologize for telling the truth.” Nora asks how Matthew knew, promising that she’s already hurt and Matthew can’t inflict any further damage. Matthew saw them, and that image makes it real for Nora.

She wonders why Matthew was at the Salinger apartment, and Matthew lies about getting schoolwork from Nate. Nora thinks the timing is an impressive coincidence. Matthew asks if Nora plans to divorce Bo, but without hesitation, she admits she doesn’t want that. Matthew holds Nora’s hand as she leans on his shoulder. Her phone rings; it’s Bo. She ignores the call and returns to the couch.

Bo thanks Clint for his hospitality. He feels like a fool and wants to go home and beg for Nora’s forgiveness, but Clint reminds Bo of Nora’s temper. Bo forgets that Clint knows Nora so well; “well enough to marry her.” Bo apologizes for betraying Clint, and Clint is sorry for imparting bad advice. They watch David’s HAVE-A-SEAT commercial, and Bo’s disappointed in how things turned out with David and Dorian.

Bo thinks that Clint is nothing like Asa and would never “take revenge against [his] son.” Bo answers the phone, and the Moroccan guards mistake him for Clint. Bo thinks he hears David, and Clint scrambles to take the call. He claims that B.E. has business in Morocco and the phone lines are unreliable. Clint needs to go there, and Bo offers to help with anything Clint may need, resulting in a fleeting flash of guilt.

Rex and Gigi eat pizza in bed, and Rex freaks at the sight of David's HAVE-A-SEAT commercial. They fall asleep, and Rex has a nightmare wherein David blasts him for leaving David to rot. Rex rationalizes that he was blackmailed, but David believes the motivation was "cold hard cash." David pegs Rex as shallow and selfish, and points out that Rex's silence has kept him in jail. David argues that Rex never bothered to check the legitimacy of the charges. Rex’s screams wake up Gigi. Rex says he's okay so long as he has her and Shane.

At the hospital, Jessica, Brody, and John worry as they wait for Vivian. Brody confides in John that he's terrified, but John assures him that they won't lose the baby. Brody asks John to call Jessica's parents. Brody promises Jess that the baby is "healthy and strong," but when Viki arrives, Jessica admits she's scared. In the hall, Vivian is honest with Brody; she's concerned because the pain Jessica's feeling isn't normal.

Natalie yells at Marty that she promised to keep the secret, but Marty only promised not to tell John. Natalie says Marty is supposed to be Jessica's friend, but Marty says that Natalie is her sister and actions have consequences. Natalie begs Marty to allow Natalie to tell John the truth. Marty refuses, believing Natalie will only put her own "spin on it." Marty's going to the hospital, but when Natalie tries to stop her, Marty loses her balance and hits her head on the marble wall. Natalie freaks, thinking Marty is dead.