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General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Hits The Strip Club!

Here’s the Scoop!

Brenda Barrett and a wedding… of course it’s going to consume the show, at least a good part of it. Sonny purchases wedding rings for himself and his bride that have a special story. When Sonny spirits Brenda away from the wedding planner, Carol, he tells her the story about the rings and they talk about their future. I already dished about Sonny’s nightmare, he has a bad dream about the wedding day. Spinelli tells Jason that Carly has the power to stop the wedding.

The Balkan, Dante, Brenda and the Civil Suit… Theo questions both Dante and Brenda about their pending lawsuit, while The Balkan makes plans of his own to execute his revenge on Brenda. RUMOR has it, The Balkan’s plan includes kidnapping Brenda on her wedding day and he MAY get a two-for-one deal. Remember, Carly is SUPPOSED to let Sonny and Brenda get to the “I Do” part and then drop her bomb at the reception. Perhaps she toasts the couple with her news? I’m hearing that Brenda is not with her hubby on her wedding night and that it’s POSSIBLE Dante is grabbed along with her.


Michael hits the strip club! It is every young man’s rite of passage, isn’t it? First, Michael and dear old dad have a talk about Abby and how Carly isn’t a fan of Abby’s profession of choice. After Carly tries to buy off Abby, Michael finds his mother with his gal and becomes rather upset with Carly. It’s off to the strip club Michael goes where he watches Abby take it all off. Not able to watch much of it, Michael runs out of the club as Abby tears up. Looking for guidance, Michael heads to Jason to talk about what he witnessed. Abby’s past is coming to Port Chuck as her abusive ex, Brandon makes contact.

A body surfaces… is it Jerry Jacks? That’s what they believe. Jason and Lucky want hardcore proof before they’re certain Brenda and Siobhan are safe. As I’ve mentioned, Jason starts to wonder if there is more to Siobhan and he definitely figures out there is a traitor close to them. That traitor makes contact with The Balkan. Jason and Dante get proof that Jerry is not The Balkan, but is Jerry still alive? The Balkan levels a threat against Brenda, she’s very much still in danger.

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Real life filtered in… As previously reported,  Carolyn Hennesy is already a published author, now her character is taking pen to paper – actually as we’ve briefly seen – and Spinelli enlists the attorney to help him pen his “Memoirs.” Hilarity is sure to follow and I can’t wait for when Spinelli tells Jason about the project.

I had to go back and check… Terrell’s last name was originally Clark. He introduced himself as Jackson yesterday. Either ABC did a fast switch or something’s up with Dr. Jackson and his past. Robin lets Terrell shadow her at GH and he’s impressed by her skills.

Ethan is becoming a little like Mike Corbin… He shows up at Johnny’s having been roughed up by a loan shark. Johnny has Lisa come to his place to patch Ethan up so that Maya doesn’t find out. Ethan hides out as he heals and Maya tells Johnny how she feels about her hubby.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Michael and Abby kiss. Brenda is there for Jax when news hits that Jerry may really be dead this time. Molly is honored as a hero at school. Brenda believes Jason just doesn’t want her to leave him. Michael is at the PCPD when Abby is arrested and fights that she be released. Abby tells Dante she is not a prostitute. When Elizabeth says no to Steve’s cash, she says she has an idea of how to get the money she needs. Is Lulu about to end things with Dante? Michael is not happy with his mother. Lulu and Brenda talk Dante. Lucky tells Siobhan he likes her, but later the two will have problems.