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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Paramedics bring Olivia into the hospital and Patrick gets her into the OR right away.


Lisa calls in some nursing reinforcements, which Liz is grateful for. Liz is happy to see Lucky show up and rambles about Cam being okay and will be happy to see his father. They both gush over Cam when he’s brought in. Cam is admitted overnight for observation. Cam asks Lucky to stay with him and then asks Siobhan to tell him a story, while Liz promises to go and get Jake.

Jax shows up, having just gotten the call from Carly about the accident (geez Carly, what we’re you waiting for). Sam tells him Michael helped the others. Alexis mentions Molly being okay but Kristina suffering from hypothermia.

Matt and Maxie arrive and Lisa offers to fix Matt’s arm, but Maxie doesn’t want her anywhere near him. Matt’s fine with Lisa setting his arm, but Maxie feels he’s too trusting.

Jason arrives and reconnects with Sam. Alexis hugs Michael for being the hero and Jax thanks Brenda for being in the car with Dante, I guess. Nothing against Brenda, but girlfriend did about as little as one could do under the circumstances.

Dante arrives, and questions Robin, who tells him Olivia is currently in surgery. Brenda assures Dante that Olivia is in good hands with Patrick, which Dante is aware of since Patrick operated on him, you know, when his father shot him in the chest.

Molly recounts the events, seeing the dead bus driver and how Michael was the hero. Kristina, Allie and Taylor are brought in. K is put in a room to warm her up, while the other two are told to wait and have a doctor check them out. Michael briefly talks to Allie and thanks her for her help at the crash site.

Sonny quickly realizes what Abby does for a living and is concerned about Michael hanging out with a stripper while on parole. Abby admits she knows all that Michael has been through and while she understands both Sonny and Carly’s concerns, she feels it isn’t their business.

Morgan and Carly arrive and despite having broken his leg in a freakin’ bus crash; Epiphany tells them he’ll have to wait to see a doctor. What? Oh right, plot point #1. Some guy shows up, declares himself Dr Terrell Jackson, who’s supposed to start the next day, but offers to take care of Morgan. After checking him out, Terrell lets them know that despite two fractures, Morgan will be fine and in a cast for several weeks. Morgan is admitted overnight and CarJax head off with him.

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Siobhan strokes Lucky’s ego about how wonderful he is with Cameron and talk turns to Luke. Lucky now understands him better and how parenting doesn’t come easily to Luke. As much as I like Siobhan, I think at this point, she should have left.

The Davis women have an all too short scene of loveliness. Alexis asks Sam to spend the night with Kristina, but K says she’ll be fine so they all leave, although Sam sticks around at the hospital. I call bull on neurotic Alexis leaving her bus crash victim daughter alone at this point. Oh wait, plot point # 2.

Steven questions a nurse about Olivia’s progress for Dante, when Lulu shows up, having just heard the news. Patrick tells Dante that Olivia’s chances are 50/50, but later admits to Robin that her odds aren’t good. Robin assures him that Olivia is strong and won’t give up and telling Dante that was compassionate and not a lie. When Matt returns with his arm set, he also asks about Olivia.

Dante and Lulu end up in Olivia’s room. Steven tells Dante to talk to her, so he sits by the bed, and starts a crying vigil and begs his mother not to die.

Brenda checks in on Sonny and mentions having met Kristina and Molly. She talks about how sweet his children are and I wonder if she realizes Molly isn’t his (because she’s a freakin’ Lansing, writers, and don’t you forget it!!). She natters on about how wonderful a father he is and how he’s doing everything right.  Sonny says his kids mean everything to him, especially the ones he shoots in the chest and blows up in cars.

Allie show up to visit Kristina and admits she couldn’t be bothered with waiting to be checked out, but then complains of her head hurting before passing out on Kristina’s bed. Robin comes to find Sonny to let him know what’s happened and that K is very upset.

Kristina’s crying, blaming herself for Allie’s collapse. She feels that no one paid any attention to Allie's injury because they were paying to K and her hypothermia. Sonny tells her not to feel guilty for something she couldn’t foresee and couldn’t prevent. Brenda watches from the doorway.

Steve and Patrick operate on Allie, while Steve blames himself for not realizing that something was wrong with her. Abby’s even more worried about Michael when she hears someone collapsed, since she hasn’t heard from him.

Liz shows up with Jake and Jason asks her about Cam. They make small talk over Jake, before she heads off to Cam’s room. Cam and Jake are frakin’ adorable together, then Liz leaves with Jake to get cookies for Cameron. When she returns with the cookies, she asks JaSam to watch Jake while she brings the cookies to Cam. Jason and Jake talk motorcycles while Sam watches smiling.

Closing montage: Sonny holding a sleeping Kristina while Brenda watches. Allie dies in the OR. Dante and Lulu holding vigil over Olivia. Lucky kisses Cam’s sleeping forehead while Siobhan watches and Liz arrives with the cookies. JaSam and Jake continue to play with motorcycles. Abby and Michael finally see each other and hug, as Carly sees them. I’m not a fan of Maby’s age difference, but darn it if I didn’t start crying when they finally connected.