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One Life to Live Recap: Making Contact

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Nora: You little... whore. God, how dare you? Filling me with all that crap about how you weren’t interested in my husband, with your cookies and your plants, and all the while you were just waiting for your chance to spread your legs for him!

Bo sits in the park, when Nora walks by. He tells her about Clint’s bad advice, and she accuses Bo of trying to shirk the blame, but he owns it. He vows against giving up, and refuses to allow her to either. He asks Nora to coffee, joking that she can throw it on him if she chooses, but she remains silent. Communication is crucial, but Nora has to go to court.

Meanwhile, Rex has more dreams of David. David sits in the electric chair, begging Rex for help as Clint throws the switch. Rex wakes up, desperate to talk to Bo. Later, Rex arrives in the park, shocked at the tension between Bo and Nora.

At the courthouse, Tea assures Inez she will fight for Nate. Inez asks Tea about Nate’s chances with the D.A. when Nora arrives, gunning for Inez. Tea tries to intervene, but Nora pushes her out of the way, telling her to “butt out.” Nora slaps Inez.

Nora blasts Inez for insinuating herself into the middle of Nora’s marriage and playing the victim to seduce Bo. Nate yells at Nora, but she shuts him up. Inez asks Nora not to continue in front of Nate, but what about the sensitivity of Nora’s son? Inez is surprised Matthew was witness to the tryst. Nora accuses Inez of recruiting Eddie to kidnap Nora, but Inez isn’t responsible. Nora wonders who else could be. Court is called to order before Inez can answer.

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When the judge questions Dani’s presence, Tea says Dani is her paralegal. Nora has no objections to that, but she does object to Inez, and Tea asks Inez to leave. Tea requests that all charges be dropped, and Nora balks, but Tea claims to “know who the murderer is.”

Bo regretfully confides in Rex about sleeping with Inez. Bo only recalls having one drink, and Rex reminds Bo of Stacy drugging Rex. Bo doesn’t think Inez is like Stacy, but it’s too late to perform a blood test to be certain. Rex has an admission for Bo, but before he can spill about Clint and David, Inez arrives. When Inez tries to walk away, Bo softly asks her to stay.

Clint arrives in Morocco and dashes David’s hopes; his sentence has been extended by four months. Clint taunts David with Dorian’s MyFace update, and reveals that “David” has kept a MyFace presence as well. Clint bursts David’s bubble with the news that Rex has known for months and is keeping silent. David and Rex are one in the same: “selfish little weasel[s].” When David says Rex is practically a Buchanan, Clint snaps.

David has faith in Bo, but Clint calls Bo a “gullible sap” with a host of problems. Clint is bent on revenge, but David is willing to sacrifice his own happiness if Clint will reverse the damage inflicted on “Pa and Step-Nora.” Clint refuses and leaves. The guard determines that Clint is “an enemy of love,” which he doesn’t appreciate. David happily signs an autograph, and in return, the guard allows David one call. David makes contact with Dorian.

Langston encourages Dorian to find a new love, and Starr is affected. In turn, Dorian suggests that Langston dump Ford. Dorian heads upstairs to wake Blair, meanwhile Blair and Cristian wake up naked together and question what exactly transpired. Dorian stops by Blair’s bedroom with the box from Eli.

Dorian thinks Blair should resolve to move on. Dorian wonders what’s under Blair’s covers, but decides that Blair made herself a “pillow person.” Blair calls herself pathetic, but Dorian says that they will rise from the ashes. Dorian turns her back, and Cristian sneaks into the bathroom. After Dorian leaves to change, Cris emerges with evidence from the previous night: playing cards, which trigger the mutual memory of strip poker, but no sex. Blair tells Cristian that while he needs to figure out things with Layla, she needs to move on. She’ll start by opening the box.

Langston details New Year’s Eve to Starr, while at the Ford apartment, Ford fills in James. Langston decided that she wants to wait on sex because she needs to prove herself as well. Ford asked if he needs to do anything differently, but Langston said no and proposed a compromise: should they survive, sex will be an option come Valentine’s Day.

Starr and James, respectively, are put on the spot, and they individually recount what happened. They kissed, and Starr admitted that she liked it, but she’s waiting for Cole. James promised her the world, but Starr resisted, so he drove her home. Langston and Ford believe that both Starr and James are torturing themselves. Langston advises Starr not to wait and encourages her to be happy, while Ford prods James to move on. Alone, Starr thinks about James and she smiles when he arrives at the front door.