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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Terrell shows up, looking for Steven for his interview. Steve introduces him to Robin, Patrick and Lisa. Patrick blames himself for Allie’s death and Robin tries to reassure him it wasn't his fault. He tells her he’s happy they spent Christmas together and asks her for a date, but she says no and to ask again another time. Lisa interrupts them for a consult and smirks at Robin as Patrick heads out.


After the interview, Steve is impressed enough to offer Terrell a position, which he accepts. Terrell small talks Robin about who’s who and Patrick gives him a brief lay of the land. Scrubs leave and Tyrell asks Lisa why she asked him to apply for a position at this hospital, and she tells him she wants him to seduce Robin.

Michael is hanging out in Morgan’s room, making small talk about the crash. Carly shows up to make sure that doctors have checked Morgan for his release. Carly and Michael head out and she brings up that she saw him and Abby in the ER the night before. Michael admits Abby was worried about him and Carly realizes that they’re more than student/tutor. Michael wonders when Carly became so judgmental, and I telepathically reminded Michael that this is Carly we’re talking about. He tells her it’s not her call whether he hangs out with Abby or not.

Sonny drops by to see how Kristina is doing and she’s still blaming herself for Allie’s death. He says he understands her pain and guilt, but essentially tells her to appreciate her life, and the pain will eventually go away. Sonny says Kristina is very much like him emotionally, but she can’t continue to blame herself. Kristina tells her father about Abby and her relationship with Michael.

Lulu brings Dante some food. He tells her a story about when he was a child and got a concussion, and how Olivia was all over him about being reckless. Lulu understands watching your mother suffer.

Theo and Diane meet about the case, when Spinelli pops in wanting to speak with Diane. Spinelli sneezes and Theo takes exception to the spread of germs, which doesn’t sit well with Spinelli. Diane gets rid of Spin and apologizes to Theo.

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Diane meets with Spinelli at his office and he tells her he likes her writing so much he wants her to write the chronicles of his life. Diane laughs him off until she realizes he’s serious. Loser.

Theo heads over to the hospital and pays Morgan a visit. Theo lays on the innuendo pretty thick about Sonny neglecting him, sons being killed, how no one is safe and the fact that Sonny would be devastated if something were to happen to Morgan.

Theo then heads over to Olivia’s room, introduces himself to Dante and wants to go over the civil case with him. Dante tells him it isn’t a good time, since he’s sitting with his mother, but Theo won’t take no for an answer. Sonny shows up and tells Theo to back off, that he pays him a fortune and to leave Dante alone.

Edward questions Maya and Ethan about the million dollar issue and insists that if they don’t agree to live together, he’ll take back his offer, which is fine with Maya but not with Ethan. Ethan still wants the money and Edward wants to groom him for ELQ. Tracy shows up, having left Luke behind after he tried to steal some diamonds. I guess it’s time for Tony Geary’s vacation.

Michael meets Abby at Kelly’s. She tells him how worried she was waiting at the hospital. He tells her Allie died. She tells him she ran into Sonny. Michael admits that Abby makes him happy.

Johnny drops by the hospital to see how Olivia is doing. Dante offers to let him sit with her, but Johnny refuses, saying they’ve broken up and reminds Dante not to take his mother for granted. Dante goes back to sit by his mother, tells her he loves her and Olivia wakes up.

Carly meets with Sonny and they small talk about the kids, until talk turns to Abby, whom Carly feels is too old for Michael. She feels they shouldn’t be friends and wonders if she’s after money. However, Sonny says she has a job and admits he ran into Abby at the hospital and mentions the strip club, at which point, Carly’s head explodes.

Line of the day:

Carly: “Abby’s a STRIPPER?!?”

Sonny: “Exotic dancer”