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One Life to Live Recap: Love The Way You Lie

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Natalie: You wanna mess with me? Fine. Like my grandpa always said, you want to mess with the bull? You're gonna get the horns.

Marty wakes up at the Buchanan Lodge, facing a shotgun-toting Natalie. Natalie was going to take Marty to the hospital, but she “missed the exit.” Natalie stabs Marty’s phone with her stiletto and rips the landline out of the wall. Natalie muses that Marty could just “go missing,” but Marty knows that no one will believe that because Marty’s “not a quitter.” Natalie won’t kill Marty because Cole needs his mother.

Natalie calls John. She was wiped out, and when he says he’ll come to Llanfair, Natalie tells him that she’ll meet him at the hospital instead. Marty, however, will be staying behind. Marty’s bitterness and spite can’t determine Natalie’s life, so Nat will finally tell the truth. She hopes John will keep the information quiet for Brody and Jessica’s sake. Natalie leaves Marty with the want ads, but without shoes or a coat. Before leaving, she doubles over in pain.

John arrives at the hospital, and Brody asks about Natalie. John received a message from her last night. Brody is sorry John’s wedding was ruined, but John wonders if Brody ever gleaned Marty’s information. Brody claims he didn’t, but he wonders if Marty did something to Natalie. On cue, Natalie calls.

In the park, Inez apologizes to Bo for avoiding him and work. Bo understands, but he does have a question: Did he and Inez really have sex? Bo remembers nothing at all, and Inez gets defensive. Bo thinks maybe she drank too much as well, and her recollection of the night isn’t completely accurate. Inez reveals that she just had an ugly confrontation with Nora, and Bo apologizes, but this situation does affect many people. Inez says she would do anything for her boys, and she leaves for the courthouse. Bo watches her with curiosity.

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Bo arrives at the hospital, and Brody thanks him and John for their support. John senses Bo’s emotional turbulence, and Bo says he’s thinking about Inez. He suspects that she’s lying to Bo.

In court, Todd enters as Tea tells the judge that the real murderer is, “[her] husband, Todd Manning.” Tea gives Todd a “trust me” look before claiming she has proof, the cufflink. Nora objects and Todd says he was framed. Tea then suggests Marty as a viable suspect. Nora sarcastically adds herself to the list, but Tea runs with it, insisting that Nora has “one hell of a motive.” Even though an eyewitness puts Nate at the scene and the murder weapon was found in his home, Tea believes she just proved that there’s no shortage of reasonable suspects. The judge issues a recess.

Nora accuses Tea of pulling a “cheap trick” and Todd agrees. Nora begrudgingly calls Bo’s office, and when asked if she wants to leave a message, she declares that she already left a message with Inez. Inez returns, and is informed that the proceedings are on hold. Todd accuses Tea of throwing him under the bus, but she “know[s] a good lawyer.” Tea just wanted to offer the court other possibilities. She eyes Inez suspiciously.

Cristian asks Blair if she wants company opening the box; she absolutely does, but she tells him to hold his reassuring comments for when he receives a “present from a dead homicidal maniac.” They discuss Pandora’s Box, and Cris reminds Blair that hope was also found in addition to all the world’s evil. Blair jokes that she’s (Blair’s granddaughter) too big. Cris pops open the lock and they discover a small painting; the image is of Blair circa her gold balloon wedding to Todd. Blair wants to tear it up. Cris asks when she met Eli and Blair responds “a year and half ago.” Strange, given that the painting is dated 2003.

Dorian blasts David for leaving her abandoned and humiliated, and she vows to forget about him. David loves her and didn’t want to leave her. She calls him on his MyFace updates, but David blurts that he’s in jail. Dorian thinks that David is looking for “a free ride.” As she hangs up, David yells out Clint’s name. Did Dorian hear? David begs the guard for one more call, but he refuses. David finds a “yak bone” and begins tunneling out.

Starr and James both admit to obsessing about the kiss. Starr wonders what happens now. James says they’re trapped in their own “personal groundhog day,” and it’s not fair to continue like that. James needs to date someone else. Starr agrees they should move on, but she wonders if he has someone specific in mind; he doesn’t. James leaves.

Dorian doesn’t want to see Starr become a “prison widow,” and she’s happy to see Starr with James because he’s loyal. Starr says she was just lonely and James isn’t important; it could’ve been anyone. Outside the Buenos Dias, James runs into a girl, Michelle, from school. She asks him to coffee and he agrees.