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Ousted DAYS Hunk: "The Energy Put Into Characters and Storylines Was NOT Evenly Distributed"

Don't expect Mark Hapka (Nathan) to go quietly off into the dark night of Salem, USA. The talented, former Days of Our Lives stud did a chat with his fans last night to express himself, and boy did he! One of the peeps over at guilty pleasure message board Daytime Royalty transcribed the following excerpt.  Check it out after the jump!


MarkHapka> First I want to apologize to everyone who waited patiently for over an unnecessary YEAR for MATE to reunite JUST to have the writers spit in ur face and throw the storline away.

<MarkHapka> So...there are many factors tht play into this decision.

<MarkHapka> Mainly it was a mix of creative restrictions on my end for the show and other projects.

<MarkHapka> So...I spoke with TPTB a few months back to discuss my concerns with the direction of the charactor...

<MarkHapka> I felt similar to the way you are all feeling. I didn't feel as though I was given a fair chance to show my ability. I felt my storys were treated entirely too casually

<MarkHapka> Lets not be confused..I am VERY grateful for the opportunity Corday origionally gave me and have had an amazing time on the show!

<MarkHapka> I love everyone over there and I think there is just alot of confusion and split decisions being made in attempt to keep ratings high and the show on the air

<MarkHapka> I was patient

<MarkHapka> I know ppl have been there longer and deserved thier screen time

<MarkHapka> When I was hired I was under the impression that they believed in me to help bring the ratings up.

<MarkHapka> So after the discussion there were some attempts (i.e. Quarantine) to give me something I could dig into.

<MarkHapka> The resonse was great and I felt great for having great material to work with.

<MarkHapka> haha...comas last for months...some very small boring storylines even longer. They got that MATE storline done in a week!

<MarkHapka> It was a tease. I wanted more.....I wanted more than anything to be a part of the success of the show and wasn't given a fair chance.

<MarkHapka> I asked nicely for DOOL to either utilize me, or let me go. I thanked them for everything and expressed how hard I was willing to work for them.

<MarkHapka> Before they broke MATE up the storlines were fun...

<MarkHapka> then it became a year of casual scene after casual scene.

<MarkHapka> I LOVE Shelley Hennig. she was great to work with. we were neglected a bit.

<MarkHapka> I was used as a scene filler to fill in and listen to other characters issues.

<MarkHapka> I didn't want to go....but am relieved to not have to turn down GREAT projects anymore.

<MarkHapka> I wish I had the opportunity to work with other great actors on the show. I just wasn't spread out very far.

<MarkHapka> You ask if you should start a campaigne?

<MarkHapka> Why the f*ck not ? :)

<MarkHapka> Let them know that you guys were watching and wanted to see more. I don't think they got it.

<MarkHapka> I don't even know if they cared to know.

<MarkHapka> The energy put into characters and storylines was NOT evenly distributed.

<MarkHapka> I would love to come back and kick some ass...

<MarkHapka> They need to give me some ass if I do.

<MarkHapka> Im sure I will get an earful...

<MarkHapka> Is it twisted that I look forward to it?

<MarkHapka> I want every person in here to understand that we are ALL EQUAL! in life, in our careers and we do not deserve to feel below ANYONE. It's a creative process, not a dictatorship. We aren't puppets...we aren't robots!

<MarkHapka> We are creative human beings that all deserve a say.

<MarkHapka> You should never feel as though your voice is an annoyance. Your opinion is just as good as the next persons. (even if it sucks ;) )

<MarkHapka> If you feel the same way, by all means let them know!

<MarkHapka> They are due to feel uncomfortable or like they made a bad choice.

<MarkHapka> Ken Corday is a good man. Gary Tomlin really belived in me from what I was told.

<MarkHapka> I don't know who got the final say but that person is going to be the demise of this show if there isn't a powershift.

<MarkHapka> I'm not trying to burn any bridges in any way here. I am simply given credit where credit is due.

<MarkHapka> I haven't said an ill word about anyone.

<MarkHapka> I simply have an opinion of the collaborative efforts

<MarkHapka> I see so much potential in the show and it's so clear to me some of the simple changes that can be made to better it...

<MarkHapka> I don't know the future of Nathan.

<MarkHapka> I curious to see the response to all of your voices.

<MarkHapka> I think if they allowed Nathan and Melanie a chance things would have been pretty entertaining.

<MarkHapka> As far as "Higley" goes...we don't speak. We never really have. We may have uttered a few words once during the emmys..thats it tho.

I doubt Hapka will have any trouble booking work. His look screams 90210 or Pretty Little Panty Droppers. Also, I personally would love to read a fitness/self help book penned by the actor, who admitted to having shed a ton of weight. Come on, Mark. Help a brutha out! (Reaches for Krispy Kreme)

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Photo credit: Brian Westin