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RUMOR REPORT: Is Brian Frons Courting Megan McTavish For All My Children?

Looks like the brass at ABC Daytime are just as frustrated by the state of All My Children as we are. Mouse House sources have told Yours Soaptastically that Brian Frons has allegedly already contacted controversial ex-AMC scribe Megan McTavish several times about taking over the reins of the show when David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski's contracts are up.

I'm hearing the former Guiding Light head writers' deals expire in March. I never thought I'd say this, but I wouldn't be opposed to a McTavish redux. Unaborted fetuses and poisoned pancakes aside, her stints at AMC proved much more watchable overall than anything Chuck Pratt or the Peapack Refugees have come up with and from what I gather ABC is really desperate to get a handle on AMC's writer situation. 


At the very least, McTavish knows how to write the Kane women and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig), as my boy Luke Kerr has pointed out often on the DC podcast. Now you know the drill, ABC will deny every single word of this, but come on, how many times have I been wrong about The Mouse House suds (*coughs* Lucci's paycut, AMC moving out West, Jonathan Jackson's return as Lucky)  ;-)

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