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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I apologize for the length of this one, but there was a lot going on today that I just couldn’t paraphrase.


Laura Wright was on FIRE today!

Carly freaks out about Abby’s choice of work, but Sonny tries to downplay it, saying many nice people are forced to take jobs ‘dancing’. She doesn’t want a grown ass woman who takes off her clothes for money to hang out with her son. Sonny feels Abby’s a nice person, but Carly wonders why he didn’t pay her off. Sonny wants her to cut Michael some slack, but Carly declares that they’re Michael’s parents, not his friends, and she doesn’t want him going down the wrong path.

Dante’s thrilled that Olivia’s awake but wonders why she would go skiing since she doesn’t ski. Steve stops by to check on Olivia and says she’ll have full recovery. Olivia thanks him for helping save her and they lightly flirt with each other. When Steve leaves, Dante wonders what’s up with the two of them, but Olivia just wants him to go to church with her now.

Spinelli wants Diane to help him write a book and he natters on, while I zone out, because I hate him and it’s all silly.

Sam pops into the penthouse to retrieve her gun, which she’s forgotten and Jason wonders why she ran out so quickly. Sam admits she didn’t want to deal with Brenda. Jason thanks her for helping him with Jake, especially since he was worried about scaring him. Sam commends Liz for allowing them to spend time with Jake. Sam says there are lot of similarities between the two, but jokes that Jake’s more of a talker. Jason admits that Jake seems happy, but that he does miss him. Their conversation topic turns to Brenda’s excitement over her wedding and her lack of concentration on the civil case. Jason worries that if the truth comes out, Dante will go to prison and Michael’s parole will be revoked. Brenda shows up, so Sam leaves.

Brenda tells Jason she needs help planning her wedding, and I telepathically remind her of her good friend Robin. Jason, of course, refuses. Brenda summons Spinelli. When he shows up, she tells him she’s overwhelmed with all the wedding details and wants his help. Spinelli refuses, saying he doesn’t support the wedding and feels she’ll lose her career, her charity and possibly her life. Brenda says she won’t apologize for following her heart, and Spinelli leaves. Brenda blames Jason, who in turn tells her to run after Spinelli.

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Michael and Abby chit chat and try to set a date for a date. Molly comes in to the diner, ignores them and then freaks out. When Michael asks her what’s wrong, she claims she’s forgotten everything she had learned before the accident. He tells her it’ll come back in time and offers to walk her home. Abby takes off and Molly apologizes, but Michael claims he scored some brownie points by being concerned about her.

Steven asks Terrell to start right away. Robin offers to give him a tour of the hospital and Lisa is quick to point out to Patrick, Robin’s eagerness, but he just snarks her out. Theo shows up and Robin is quick to lay into him about the lawsuit and her anger that he would put them through that. She tells him his suit affects her as well and tells him to add her to the lawsuit. Theo offers to drop the suit, only for her sake.

Lisa drags Terrell into a room to commend him on his budding friendship with Robin. Terrell agrees to seduce Robin, but wonders what's in it for him. She asks what he wants and he says he wants her. She agrees to be with him if he manages to seduce Robin and break up Scrubs. They kiss.

Carly shows up at Sam’s, absolutely fuming that she introduced Michael and Abby and then lied about it. Sam says she was avoiding Carly’s anger, but Carly tells her not to meddle or introduce anymore of her skeevy friends to her son. Sam says that people perceive Michael as different, as does he, that girls his age make him feel weird. Sam goes on with her explanation that Michael asked her to help him find someone and she doesn’t regret doing it. Carly says she’s aware of Michael’s difficulty relating, but feels Sam and Abby are kindred spirits out to get what they can. Carly says her son is a damaged boy and there will be hell to pay.

Spinelli and Diane meet again, but he’s not happy with what she’s already written. Jason arrives to get them to do a background check on Theo.

Theo meets with Dante and Brenda to go over the case, but Brenda’s very flippant, saying she needs more notice since she’s planning a wedding. Theo says a man died and someone should pay, which doesn’t seem to sit well with Dante.

Michael meets with Sonny and says he’s worried about Molly and Kristina because of the crash. He feels badly about Allie’s death and realizes he can’t waste his life. Talk turns to Abby and Sonny says he can see that Michael really likes her. Michael admits that he’s comfortable around Abby and that she’s easy to talk to. Sonny asks if he’s been to the strip club but Michael says he hasn’t. Sonny tells him to be careful of Carly because she’s on the warpath.

Carly, angry about the stripper angle, meets with Abby. Abby says she isn’t taking advantage of Michael, but Carly’s not hearing it. Carly says she used to be Abby, minus the stripping. Carly offers her money to leave or she’ll be sorry, but Abby throws it right back at her saying that she’ll be sorry if she doesn’t back off. Carly tells her she has a choice, take her money, or keep stripping but she’ll never have Michael.

Strange line I never thought I’d hear:

Jason: “Diane, get off of Spinelli”