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One Life to Live Recap: Suspicious Minds

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Marty: Sorry, but I just can’t do that. But good luck, okay, honey? ‘Cause you’re gonna need it.

Natalie is having pains. Marty insists that Natalie is in labor, but Nat just thinks Marty is trying to scare her. Nat doubles over in more pain. Marty explains Natalie’s possible complications, but Natalie just cocks the gun. Marty says she cares about the baby; Nat scoffs. Before Natalie can leave, her water breaks.

Marty subtly picks up the gun and informs Natalie that the tables have turned. Marty destroys Nat’s phone. Natalie reminds Marty that Marty is a doctor and she can’t leave Natalie helpless. Marty thinks otherwise, considering that Natalie’s intrusion prevented Marty from having another baby with John. Nat can’t deliver on her own, but Marty says Jessica did, and Natalie points out that the baby died as a result. Marty wishes Natalie luck and walks out. Nat collapses on the floor.

Bo thinks Inez is lying to him. He says he had sex with Inez, but he doesn’t remember. Bo’s personal life is none of John’s business. After speaking to Rex, Bo is entertaining the notion that Inez drugged and lied to him. John wonders what motive Inez could have. John will look into things quietly unless Bo wants an official criminal investigation.

Bo apologizes for asking this of John, considering that John has so much on his plate. Things aren’t always as they seem, and Bo hates that it looks like he cheated on his wife. If Inez did drug Bo, John says she has no alibi for Eddie’s murder. Bo is stunned that Inez has suddenly gone from his friend to a liar to a murderer. He leaves, and John calls Natalie, worried about her whereabouts.

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In court, Todd asks Tea whom she suspects, and she suggests Inez. Nora walks out into the hall, and if looks could kill, Inez would be toast. Tea wonders if Nate is protecting Inez. She thinks it’s sweet, but Todd thinks Inez should’ve filed a restraining order as soon as Eddie hit town. Todd whines that his two daughters will be crying over jailbirds, and he instructs Tea to “make Inez go down.” Inez thanks Dani for standing by Nate, but she asks for a moment alone with him.

Court is called to order, and the judge determines there was a rush to judgment. He dismisses the charges, but Nate and Inez share a look, and he confesses. Chaos! Nora is shocked, but doesn’t object; Tea scrambles; and Inez and Dani are shaken. Inez runs into Bo in the hall, but she rushes off to be with Nate. Nora walks up and fills in Bo. When the atmosphere turns personal, Bo asks if they can talk, but Nora says no and leaves.

Jessica’s stuck in the hospital, but Viki thinks that the bed rest is helping. Back from his business trip, Clint fawns over Jess. Vivian arrives to give everyone an update. Jess asks for reassurance, but all Vivian can recommend is an immediate C-Section. It’s too early, and Jessica agonizes. The surgery is Jessica’s best option, but there are some grave risks, as there is dangerous scar tissue from when Charlie shot Jessica.

Viki pulls Charlie and Clint into the hall, where Clint blasts Charlie. Viki insists it was an accident, and if anything, Dorian is at fault. The guilt is too much, and Charlie leaves. Viki demands that Clint apologize to Charlie, but Clint refuses.

Brody can’t lose Jess, and he begs her to consider Bree. Brody asks Viki to talk sense into Jessica as Clint muses about everything he’s done for her. Viki is curious. Clint tells Brody that Brody will understand fully once he’s a parent, but Brody already is; he has Bree. Viki reminds Jess of the time she’s already lost with Bree, and she suggests adoption if need be.

Echo barges into La Boulaie and demands that Dorian pay damages for the Christmas Eve stunt. Dorian threatens a bill for the fireplace. Echo is certain that Viki and Dorian are scheming together, but Dorian finds the idea laughable. Echo declares it’s fruitless, however, as she and Charlie are closer than ever. Charlie is helping Echo with AA, and Dorian is aghast that Echo is exploiting Charlie’s alcoholism. Pot, meet kettle.

Dorian writes the check to get rid of Echo, but once alone, calls the bank to stop payment. Lightbulb! Dorian decides that an “ounce of prevention” will do some good. At the meeting, Echo manipulates Charlie with a lie about how she was tempted to drink, but Charlie tosses her bottle of liquor. Charlie is distraught. He shot Jessica, and because of it, she could lose the baby and/or her own life. In disguise, Dorian hovers in the background.

Echo enters the meeting as Charlie retrieves the full bottle from the trash. Echo stands up and introduces herself. A friend of hers is suffering; she told him a lie, and she feels badly, but she worries that the truth will hurt him more.