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One Life to Live Spoilers: Marty Loses Touch With Reality!

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A delusional woman, two births and a secret exposed turn things in Llanview upside down. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of January 10.


John/Natalie/Marty/Roxy: John's nerves start to get the better of him about Natalie’s whereabouts and he begins to search for her. John locates Natalie's car at the Buchanan lodge and heads out there. Inside the lodge, Natalie is in full labor and it seems that she may have to deliver her child alone. However, Marty grows a conscience and returns to the lodge to help Natalie deliver her baby. Marty discovers that the baby is in breech and in grave danger. John arrives at the Buchanan mansion to find Marty holding Natalie's newborn baby boy.

Marty introduces John to his son and hands the child to him. Natalie and John have a tender moment with their new family, as a very uneasy Marty looks on. Marty begins to lose touch with reality stating that the baby is her own and John's. Marty goes on to tell John a story of how she and Natalie ended up at the lodge together, because Natalie was determined to steal Marty and John's baby. Natalie and John immediately become concerned about how far Marty has sunk into psychosis. Nonetheless, Natalie takes this opportunity to spin Marty's version of the story to get out of telling the John the true way they ended up at the lodge. (Side Note: Way to ruin a perfectly good revenge psycho story OLTL! The second you turn the revenge psycho into a real, "I don't know what year this is" psycho, the story isn't as fun, IMO.)

At the hospital, Marty is admitted as a patient as Natalie and the baby get checked out. Everything is okay with mother and child and everyone comes to visit. Brody holds Natalie’s baby and she grows very uncomfortable. Rex visits Natalie and they catch up. Natalie thinks she's in the clear, where Marty is concerned. In the meantime, Roxy finds out about Marty's hijinks from Rex and confronts her about them. Roxy ends up unconscious and tied to Marty's bed. Marty has escaped her room and is in the nursery starting at Natalie's child. Will Marty Kidnap Natalie's baby?

Jessica/Brody: Jessica agrees to have the C-Section. Vivian delivers the baby without any problems. Vivian hands to the baby boy to an overjoyed Brody. Brody and Jessica are ecstatic over their new family. Is Jessica's baby truly for Brody? Did Vimal accidentally switch the wrong paternity results?

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Kelly/Rex/Aubrey/Joey: Kelly and Rex manage to get a copy of Maintenant and find the inappropriate photo of Aubrey. Kelly goes over to Joey's to tell him about the photo, but finds Aubrey instead. Aubrey tells Kelly that Joey went to the hospital because Jessica had her baby. Kelly goes to hospital in search of Joey. Kelly finds Joey and breaks the news that Aubrey is cheating on him. Joey is upset by Kelly's accusation and defends Aubrey even after he sees the photo of her and the man in the magazine. A defeated Kelly tells Rex what happened, but believes Joey won't do anything about what she told him.

In private, Joey divulges that he cares more about the photo than he let on to Kelly. Joey has no choice but to confront Aubrey about the magazine. Cutter (Aubrey’s European man) interrupts Joey and Aubrey's confrontation. Cutter tells Joey that he's Aubrey's brother and Joey believes him. Joey and Aubrey settle their fight. Aubrey frets that Kelly is going figure out Cutter's true identity. Meanwhile, Kelly updates Dorian on the Aubrey situation. Dorian tells Kelly to not give up on Joey and expose the real Aubrey to everyone. Will Kelly take Dorian's advice?

Dorian/Echo/Charlie/Viki: Dorian spies on Echo's AA meeting. Echo is about to confess the truth about Charlie, Clint and Rex in the meeting, when she sees Dorian in disguise in the group. Echo quickly changes her mind and tries to get Dorian to shed her disguise to everyone. Dorian orders Echo to admit that Rex is her son with Clint and not Charlie. Meanwhile, the urge to drink is really bearing down on Charlie. However, Jessica and Natalie's new additions to the family help him ease the urge a little. Charlie and Rex have a father son moment and Echo sees it. Echo’s guilt starts to get the best of her and she almost blurts out the truth to Charlie about Rex's father. Echo controls herself and ends up having a breakthrough with Rex. How long will Echo be able to keep her secret from Dorian and the rest of Llanview?

Blair/Cristian: Blair walks in on Todd and Tea to ask Todd if he knows anything about the painting she found in Eli's mysterious box. Todd tells Blair he doesn't know what she's talking about. Blair leaves disgusted and decides to visit Cristian. Cristian has another clue about the painting. Where will Cristian's clue lead Blair and Cristian next?

Matthew hides in the shadows as Nora lets Clint have it for telling Bo to lie to her about his one-night stand with Inez. Clint is thankful that Matthew didn't tell his parents that it was Clint who told Matthew about his father's affair. Inez gives Bo her two weeks notice. Inez goes to Nate's hearing where Tea puts her on the stand. Tea tries to get Inez to crumble about Eddie's murder. In the meantime, Rex is informing Bo that Marty gave Inez a prescription that could have left him unconscious and it is plausible for her to have murdered Eddie in that time frame. After telling Bo the news, Rex goes to Clint and demands to know Clint's link to Inez. Will Rex expose Inez and Clint's secret?

Todd/Tea/Nate: Tea does everything she can to get Nate to tell the truth, that he confessed to murdering Eddie to protect his mother. Todd and Tea talk about Tea's hunch that Nate is covering for Inez. Todd is feeling down the dumps because Dani believed so quickly that he killed Eddie. So, Todd sets out to find who set him up with the cufflink and has Price come over to dust for fingerprints. In the courtroom, Tea puts Inez on the stand and accuses her of allowing Nate to take the fall for a murder she committed. Inez can't believe Tea would assume something like that and Nate is livid with Tea. Things in the courtroom escalate out of control, when Todd enters with evidence that Nate is the person who tried to fame him for Eddie's murder. Does Todd really have the evidence to prove Nate set him up?

Starr/Dani/James/Ford: Starr and Dani attempt to pull the wool over Price's eyes, so they can see Nate. James and Ford show up to visit Nate and try to get him to admit why he confessed to the crime. Starr updates Langston on James' decision to see other girls. Michelle invites James to a sorority Valentine's Day dance and Starr fakes her happiness for James. Will Starr tell James how she truly feels about him?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (January 17th):

  • Cutter kisses Kelly and it's fireworks
  • Inez confesses the truth to Bo and Nora
  • Bo plans to catch Clint in his lies
  • Starr doesn't react well to seeing James with Michelle
  • Vimal confesses all the dirty deeds Clint forced him to do
  • Echo and Clint have a confrontation