The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Stephanie Stands By Nick!

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Stephanie: La Forrester rallies around Nick when the sailor gets word about his health.

Agnes: She starts to grill Nick when she discovers his doctor's card. Nick downplays things with Aggie, but figures out what a disservice he's doing to his son Jack.

Logan has a showdown with Thomas about the stunt he pulled in Paris. Brooke asks her stepson, point blank,  if he has more than just friendly feelings for her. Once home, Brooke decides to keep Thomas' misdeeds from Ridge. Meanwhile, Thomas starts to squirm when his mother starts to question him on what she thinks.

Justin/Donna/Marcus/Dayzee: Marcus introduces Dayzee to his parents. Later, Donna gives her son a birthday gift that moves him and gives him unanswered questions.