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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: The Dimeras Plot To Take Safe Down!

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: The father and son are determined to get payback from Rafe and Sami by busting up their marriage.

Maggie: The widow Horton comes up with a proposal for Victor: one date in exchange for Vivian's release.

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Sami: She prays Stefano doesn't influence EJ.

Bo: The top cop keeps mum on Hope's location.

Carly: Dr. Manning's life becomes a nightmare when she has to face the hospital board for her role in Chloe's paternity swap. Kayla leads the charge when she finds out Nathan kicked Stephanie to the curb. Sweetness blames Carly for Bo and Hope's marriage going to bits and for Daniel's heart being broken along with her daughter's. Lexie and Kayla go forward with the proceedings to a shocked Carly's dismay. Daniel is called as a witness against Carly, but Dr. Jonas decides to give her mercy by denying her involvement.

Chloe: The songbird decides to use baby Parker to get Daniel back.

Melanie: Mel gets into a heated argument with Chloe and winds up tossing her cookies. Chloe wonders if her step-daughter is pregnant, but Melanie brushes her off. Daniel shows up and Chloe tries to get him to listen to reason regarding her lies. Melanie uses this as her cue to exit and heads off to take a pregnancy test and is shocked to find out she is with child. Nathan stops by to fill her in on ditching Steph, but Mel shuts him down. Melanie tells him to forget about their relationship and go to Baltimore for the job. Later, Melanie decides if she should have an abortion.

Nathan: He finds out Melanie's pregnant.