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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Performer of the Day: Chad Duell


Sonny tries to make Michael understand that while he has no problem with Abby, Michael should be careful because of Abby's job as a stripper. He feels it isn’t the best way to make a living and that he wants Michael to be safe. In other words, Abby is not safe. Michael defends Abby stating that she’s dancing for tuition, she listens to him and he insists they’re only friends. Sonny warns him again about Carly being angry, but defends her need to protect Michael. Sonny reminds him of his control issues but Michael’s confused about the age factor, claiming to be too young to be an adult but too old for high school. Sonny tells him no matter what, he’ll have Michael’s back.

Carly wants to give Abby a chunk of change to leave Michael and Port Charles. Abby insists Michael is an adult and is not off limits to her or anyone else. Carly reminds her that Michael has rage episodes and judgment issues and quite frankly, Abby’s bad for him. Abby insists that Michael hasn’t come to the club and won’t, but Carly says Michael is impulsive and won’t be able to walk away if there’s a problem.

Michael arrives, as Abby leaves, and is angry about Carly’s involvement. Michael tells her to stay out of it. Carly tells him he’s making a mistake. She admits she offered Abby some money.  When Michael asks if she took it, Carly says no, that Abby probably wants to hit her up for more down the road. Carly says Abby is a bad influence, but Michael says she’s the best thing to happen to him. Carly says she’s protecting him, but Michael tells her to try respecting him instead. He says to stop pushing Abby away, to let him live his life or he’ll shut her out completely.

Diane is upset that Jason wants to look into Theo’s background, wondering if he’s questioning her judgment. Jason is worried about how hard Theo is going after Brenda and feels that if the truth comes out, Dante will lose his badge and that will affect Michael. Diane defends Theo’s toughness, saying that it's normal to push people as necessary, but Jason worries that Brenda will get crazier, the harder Theo treats her. Jason asks Spinelli to help Brenda with her wedding plans.

Theo’s not happy about how flippant Brenda appears to be and reminds her the victim's family wants justice. Brenda reminds him she had no choice but to shoot the man, but Theo tells her he sees no remorse from her and if she’s not careful, she’ll lose everything she loves. Dante claims self defense again, but Theo says they won’t be able to convince a jury if they can’t convince him. Theo goes on to state that they look like two entitled people getting away with murder. Brenda doesn’t appreciate the attitude, but again, Theo tells her to muster up some remorse before he leaves.

When Jason comes home, Brenda asks him to be the one to walk her down the aisle. He asks why she doesn’t get Edward to do it, but she figures Edward would spend his time trying to talk her out of the marriage. Jason accepts the position.

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Lucky pops by Jake’s to ask Siobhan for a date, but she says she has plans and refuses to tell him what they are. He tells her he already caught her in a lie and explains about the phone call from her sister. Siobhan lies again, telling Lucky that an old boyfriend has been calling her and she wants to keep her old life away from her new one. She says she’s expecting a call from the boyfriend that night, so Lucky reluctantly leaves. Siobhan gets a call from the Balkan demanding full compliance from her and reminds her that she’s disposable.

Lisa and Terrell are having drinks at Jake’s and they go over the plan again of seducing Robin, so Lisa can have Patrick. It doesn’t make sense this time; anymore than it did the last time they spelt it out for us. Terrell wonders what will happen if people find out they knew each other in Houston. Patrick shows up, so Lisa jumps right in and claims she just found out that both she and Terrell are from Houston.

Dante meets with Ronnie and asks him to look into Theo's past because he doesn’t like how Brenda is being treated. Lulu shows up and isn’t happy about this turn of events and asks Dante if he has feelings for Brenda.

Siobhan shows up at Diane’s offices, looking for her help because her tourist visa is running out, but finds Theo there instead. When she introduces herself, Theo takes an obvious interest and says he’ll help her. Then he begins asking personal questions, like why she’s in Port Charles, whether she has past arrests or questionable activities that Siobhan is not willing to answer. I know she’s only dealt with the Balkan over the phone, but I call baloney on her not recognizing his voice. It’s pretty distinct. Lucky shows up at the office and is surprised to see Siobhan there.

Sonny meets with a jeweler, looking for the right ring for Brenda. Sonny heads over to the penthouse and Brenda tells him she asked Jason to walk her down the aisle, so Sonny decides to ask Dante to be best man. Brenda suggests February 18th as the wedding day. Spinelli arrives, with a wedding planner to help Brenda plan the wedding.

Sam finishes up a check up appointment with Kelly, who tells her there’s a new experimental procedure to address her fertility issues. Sam claims she and Jason aren’t set up to be parents and likes her life the way it is.

Carly meets with Jason, upset about Michael and says she won’t stand by and let this happen. Jason tells her that she won’t win if she fights about Abby. Carly knows they taught Michael all the wrong things and that Abby is too old for him and is a stripper. However, Jason says that Michael is emotionally damaged and he’s made a connection with Abby. Carly feels Michael is vulnerable and is scared for him.

Michael goes to the club and watches Abby dance. Ah Michael, why.