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One Life to Live Recap: Teach Your Child Well

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Jessica: Just tell her to save the baby!

Jessica tells Brody that she doesn’t care about her own life, but Brody orders her to stop. As Vivian prepares Jessica for a C-Section, Clint assures Jess that Asa is watching out for her, but no one’s fears are relieved. The birth of Jessica’s baby is juxtaposed with the birth of Natalie’s, highlighting their vastly different situations with Jess in a controlled and sterile environment.

A problem arises; Jessica is bleeding. Vivian asks Brody to keep Jess calm. Brody promises Jessica a happy ending, but when the problems persist, Jessica is adamant that the baby be the priority.

Marty leaves Natalie. Natalie crawls back to the living room and is surprised when Marty returns, having decided that the “baby doesn’t deserve to suffer for [her] mistakes.” Marty wants to get Natalie into the car, but the contractions intensify, and Marty tells Natalie that the baby is coming now. Marty prepares Natalie, reassuring her that Marty delivered a baby as an intern. The deliveries occur simultaneously, but Natalie’s environment isn’t conducive to childbirth.

A problem arises; the baby is breech. Natalie refuses to let Marty “come at [her] with a knife” to perform a C-Section, but terrified, tells Marty to “do whatever you have to do.”

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At the hospital, a worried John leaves multiple messages for Natalie. He calls the station and asks Price to track Natalie. Alone with Viki, John admits that he’s using Natalie’s GPS to find her. Viki wonders if Marty’s involved. John is of the same mind, and both he and Viki admit to being less-than-stellar friends to Marty. Fish calls John with coordinates, and Viki tells him it’s the Buchanan lodge. Outside the lodge, John hears Natalie’s screams.

Kelly peruses The Palace gift shop. She picks up the book “Naked Heat,” thinking the author, “Richard Castle,” looks familiar. (Hi, picture of Nathan Fillion!) Kelly asks the attendant for the French magazine, and he tells her that a woman similar to Kelly bought every copy. Rex arrives with good news: he ordered the magazine online. Kelly finds the picture, realizes Aubrey is cheating, and decides she must tell Joey. Rex worries that Joey might “shoot the messenger,” but Kelly has to take that risk.

Though Aubrey offers, Joey tells her not to join him at the hospital. He fears that Clint will take out his frustrations on Aubrey. After Joey leaves, Aubrey appears to suffer a brief crisis of conscience. Cutter shows up, posing as room service, and seductively insists that they need to catch up. Kelly knocks on the door. Joey isn’t there, but anything Kelly needs to tell Joey will be passed along to Aubrey eventually because she and Joey don’t keep secrets. Kelly laughs. Aubrey says Joey is at the hospital because of Jessica, and Kelly rushes off.

Viki berates Clint for his behavior towards Charlie, and sends Charlie a text. Joey arrives and worries when Viki and Clint inform him that Jess needs surgery. Joey is annoyed when Clint takes a dig at Aubrey, but Joey told Aubrey not to come. They momentarily lean on each other. Viki calls Kevin, but she admits to Clint that with the kids grown up, everyone is powerless to protect each other. After some sarcastic prodding, Clint offers to find Charlie, but Viki insists they need to stay at the hospital together.

Kelly arrives at the hospital and gives Joey a supportive hug. When he says he should call Aubrey, Kelly stops him. She hands him the magazine, regretfully telling Joey that Aubrey is cheating. Meanwhile, Aubrey and Cutter have sex.

Echo tells her personal story to the AA attendees, as Dorian listens with bated breath. As Echo is just about to reveal Clint as Rex’s father, she spots Dorian. Echo then lies to the group about Charlie being Rex’s father. Echo rips apart Dorian, until Dorian has enough and stands up to confront her. Echo calls out Dorian on showing up in disguise to spy, and questions why Dorian cares; “Because this is my town... and I don’t want you in it.” Echo warns Dorian that she will push back, and she leaves.

The group is about to report Dorian’s behavior when Dorian tells them about Mel and wonders if she might find peace in AA. They assure her it’s a safe place, and they encourage Dorian to talk.

Charlie sits in the park, tempted by a bottle of alcohol. Rex arrives, and Charlie tells him about Jessica. Charlie feels guilty, but Rex insists it was an accident, and that Jared would agree. Charlie is surprised by Rex’s animosity towards Clint, but Rex is firm that Charlie is the better father option. He’s still unsure about Echo, however, but Charlie encourages Rex to forgive her. Rex spots the bottle in Charlie’s pocket. As Rex supports Charlie, Charlie pours out the alcohol. Echo witnesses the close moment.