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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Victoria Gets Low With Victor!

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Nikki tries to get her eldest child to drop her case against Victor, but Victoria sticks to her guns. Later, Victoria speaks with Vance and the shark comes up with a plan to lie about the Dubai deal to use against Victor.

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At first Victoria isn't too sure to move on with the plan, but decides to take a play from her father's playbook and fight dirty. Abby is hesitant on the latest development but decides to follow her sister's lead.

Cricket: The legal eagle returns, but once again is caught up in Ronan's life. Cricket must make a tough choice regarding Ronan's actions.

Victor: The Black Knight swears to nail Adam.

Sofia: She backs Cane up and joins his side against Blake.

Nick/Sharon: The ex-high school sweethearts' relationship takes a nasty turn when Nick decides to proceed with obtaining full custody of Faith. Michael tries to tell Nick to think things over, but Nick is dead set in keeping Faith away from Adam. Sharon finds out what Nick is up to and the two have a nasty showdown with Sharon throwing Phyllis' past in his face. Nick isn't moved by what Sharon says and keeps stating that Adam being around their daughter after what he's done is the deal breaker for him.

Sharon fires back by saying Faith will hate Nick when she grows up and learns what he tried to do. The two calm down and Nick lets Sharon take their little girl for the night, as long as she's not near Adam. Later, Nick tries to get some info from Sharon, but she clamps down thinking he will use it against her in court. Watch for these two to duke it out in court with shocking results.

Philip: Lazarus man returns under sad circumstances.

The ex-soldier comes home to help out Ronan.