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Will a Dynasty Prequel Make it to The Big Screen?

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Grab your chinchilla coats! E! Online is reporting a prequel to uber camp-tastic, 80's soap Dynasty could be heading for the big screen! Set in the 60's, the movie will center around Blake learning he is the heir to the Carrington fortune and his romance with Alexis. Dynasty creator Richard Shapiro stated:

"We've given thought to the movie before and we've been approached by a lot of companies, but no one seemed to have a proper fix on it. Then suddenly we said, 'Let's do it [ourselves]!'—and we're the ones to do it."

The movie is still in being shopped to studios and casting has yet to start. OMG, I am total soap heaven right now! I've always wanted to see how Blake and Alexis' love affair started. We know Alexis could rock a pair of shoulder pads, I wonder how she'll pull off bell bottoms and go-go boots? 

Photo credit: ABC.

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