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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky is surprised to see Siobhan in Diane’s office and questions why Theo is dealing with her, but he says he deals with international law and that she’s having problems with her working visa. Theo jokingly suggests that Siobhan and Lucky get married in order for her to stay in the country.


Siobhan meets with the Balkan, but not face to face. He tells her he’s disappointed in the little information she’s been getting for him. She says Lucky and the police don’t believe Jerry was the Balkan, but they don’t know who he really is. The Balkan reminds her that she’s disposable.

Siobhan finds Lucky and wonders if he’s mad at her. Lucky wishes she’d told him about her problems, but she insists she’s independent and there’s nothing he can do for her. Lucky says if things get worse, the offer to marry her is there.

Carol, the wedding planner, is thrilled to be planning the great Brenda Barrett’s wedding and assumes it’s to Murphy Sinclair, but is horrified when Sonny is revealed to be the groom. She gets snarky and uncooperative, which angers both Sonny and Brenda. Carol goes to leave but Sonny pleads his case, his love for Brenda and that he wants a celebration for his love. Carol changes her mind and agrees to help.

Carly feels Abby is not good for Michael and wonders why Jason didn’t say anything to her. He didn’t want Carly and Michael to fight over it. Jason tells her about Michael’s fight. Carly wants his help in getting Michael away from Abby, but Jason feels Abby is good for Michael and that he opens up to her. Carly suggests counseling, but Jason shoots that down. Carly suddenly realizes that being a parent is hard work (Yeah, can’t put Olivia or Mercedes on this one). Jason tells her to respect Michael’s choice and stay cool.

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Lulu wonders if Dante is attracted to Brenda and he gives her a roundabout answer about protecting her.  Lulu wonders why he doesn’t ask to be reassigned, and claim a conflict of interest, but Dante insists he wants to see this through. Lulu feels it’s having a bad effect on him that he’s more guarded, not sleeping and feels he’s only protecting Brenda in order to be her hero. Dante brings up his sick mother, but then apologizes for it. Lulu promises not to interfere and tells him not to resign, that she’s just being insecure. He tells her to let him know when things bother her.

Michael watches Abby dance and she sees him watching her. Michael angrily goes to see Jason, and lets him know that he really wanted to fight someone and disliked the look on Abby’s face as she was dancing. Jason wonders why he would risk his parole. Michael wanted to see for himself, but got out before he hurt someone. Jason feels he did the right thing.

Abby meets with Sam, looking for Michael, worried about what he saw. Sam’s sorry that she started this whole thing, but Abby says she’s happy Sam introduced them, because she really likes Michael, but worries that Carly was right. Sam feels Carly is overprotective, but Abby admits she’s not appropriate for Michael. However, Abby goes on to say that Michael's special, mature and respects her, which is refreshing and she doesn’t want to walk away.

Ethan and Maya are looking for a place to live and arguing about it. He reminds her that the marriage is only for a year and she agrees to rent something month to month. Ethan says he can’t do long term relationships and Maya promises that’s not what she’s looking for, that she just wants financial independence.

Sam comes home and she and Jason discuss Maby. Jason feels Michael is starting to talk and Sam wonders if Abby has real feelings for Michael. Sam mentions Carly, but Jason reminds her that Carly’s still freaked out about the bus crash and Sam feels badly. Sam’s upset that she thought introducing Abby was the best solution and Jason feels Abby has done a lot for Michael. Talk turns to Jake, which reminds Jason of a young Michael, and Sam gives him credit for doing some things right.

Michael meets with Abby, who says he shouldn’t have been at the club. He says watching her made him sick but she insists it’s just work, which is why she uses a different name when she dances. Abby doesn’t want to lose him as a friend and he tells her she’s important to him, he’s never felt like this before, and he’s not walking away. Michael tells Abby he needs her and they kiss, very passionately.

Sonny wants to do whatever to make Brenda happy. They discuss the last time they were together and engaged. He presents her with a ring and promises to be there on their wedding day, so they can spend the rest of their lives together. Later on, in bed, he has a nightmare of losing her on their wedding day.