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One Life to Live Recap: With Arms Wide Open

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John (Brody, too): I have a son.

Upon hearing Natalie’s scream, John races into the lodge. He’s stunned to find Marty holding Natalie’s baby. It’s a boy! John beams, but his and Natalie’s joy is interrupted by Marty’s admission: “We have a son.”

Marty loses touch with reality, and Natalie and John are scared. Paramedics arrive, and Marty wants to ride in the ambulance, but John convinces her to ride with him in the car. John tells Nat that he loves her and the baby, and he promises to meet her at the hospital. Before leaving, John surveys the lodge with concern.

At the hospital, John persuades Marty to see a physician, privately advising the nurse to order a psychiatric consult. John sits with Natalie and tells her that the baby is being examined in the neonatal unit, but doing well. He should’ve been present for the birth, but Nat insists it was unexpected. They discuss the baby’s birthday, 1-11-11, and John decides that the child will have a “charmed life.” With doctors of her own, Marty begs to see “[her] son.”

Jessica is panicking, but Vivian promises that everything is under control. It’s a boy! Brody beams, and assures Jess that the baby is perfect. Jessica is relieved when Vivian informs her that a hysterectomy is unnecessary right now. Brody calls Jess his hero. In recovery, Jessica and Brody delight in the baby’s birthday, 1-11-11, and they enjoy family time together.

In the park, Echo hopes Charlie didn’t drink. He didn’t, because he has “a family to live for.” He has to return to the hospital, because his place is at Viki’s side, and Rex encourages him to tell Clint to “shove it.” Charlie thanks Rex for the support.

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Viki alerts Clint to Natalie’s whereabouts and Marty halting the wedding, and she worries that Marty’s losses have been too much. Charlie returns and Viki runs into his arms, while Clint offers a vague but sufficient apology. Charlie is honest with Viki about his battle with the bottle, but the moment is interrupted by Clint complaining about the lack of news on Jessica.

At the hospital, Kelly shows Joey the picture of Aubrey and Cutter. Joey recalls that Aubrey took a later flight to Llanview after claiming to be sick, but he accuses Kelly of trying to “torpedo [his] relationship. Kelly insists that she never wanted to see Joey hurt. Joey thinks there’s a plausible explanation, and he barks that his relationship is none of Kelly’s business.

Brody steps off the elevator and excitedly tells Viki and Clint that they have a grandson and Jessica is well. Grandma and Grandpa, along with Charlie, Kelly, and Joey, are elated to have a new Buchanan man. Per Brody, “this one’s a Lovett.” Clint receives word that Natalie is in the E.R.

Viki and Clint descend upon Natalie, and Viki jokingly chides Nat for not being a “normal person” and having her baby in a hospital. Natalie is thrilled that her twin gave birth to a boy as well. Nat wants to hold her son, and John can oblige. He enters with their baby, and Clint coos over the “fine lookin’ fella,” a statement which Clint is quick to point out is directed at the baby and not John. John and Natalie spend time with their son, but John wants to know what happened at the lodge.

At The Palace, Cutter worries that their plan has gone on too long, and he accuses Aubrey of beginning to care about the mark. She doesn’t care about Joey, but she thinks he’s nice, and that’s a refreshing change of pace. Aubrey warns Cutter about Kelly. She has a history with Joey, and a natural inclination to investigate, and Aubrey and Cutter have skeletons.

Joey knocks on the door, and Aubrey scrambles. She is thrilled when Joey says Jessica had a boy, but her happiness fades when he confronts her with the picture.

Rex tells Echo that he got lucky with Charlie, and Echo reveals that in the Atlantic City days, she believed Charlie was the bad influence, but she now realizes that she was. They discuss their issues with Clint, and Echo slips. Clint is “the kind of man who won’t accept his own son,” but she covers by claiming that she meant Clint’s non-acceptance of Aubrey. Echo is happy that Charlie is Rex’s father, and she hopes that Rex can accept her eventually. By the way, she has pictures of Shane for Rex, and he’s touched.

Kelly arrives, and recounts her experience with Joey. Rex warned her that it was a bad idea, and he was right. Rex thinks Joey needs to discover the truth on his own, but Kelly fears that Joey will keep quiet.