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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jax is watching a news report about a body, reportedly Jerry’s, being pulled from the harbor. Lucky shows up, lets him know the body can’t be identified and wonders if Jax thinks Jerry was The Balkan. Jax doesn’t know, but promises he won’t help Jerry. Jax realizes Lucky is still concerned about Siobhan’s safety.

Jason is reading about the unidentified body in the paper. Brenda shows off the rings Sonny gave her. Jason tells her she still needs a guard anywhere she goes. Brenda’s not happy about it.


Ethan shows up at Johnny’s having had the crap beaten out of him. He set up a high rollers poker game at the Haunted Star that didn’t turn out well. Johnny reminds him he pays him a small fortune, and wonders why Ethan needs the money. Ethan admits he doesn’t want to stay in the marriage to Maya because he feels he’ll fall for her, and was hoping to win the money to give to her.

Patrick is telling Steven he doesn’t want to work with Lisa, but doesn’t get anywhere. Maya wonders how Liz can work as much as she does. Steven questions Liz’s work schedule, but she reminds him she needs the money because of the failed investment. Steve offers money, but she turns him down. She’s taking Aiden for a surprise visit with Nikolas.

Johnny shows up to take Lisa away, under the guise that they’re having a lunch date. Patrick wonders what that’s about. Steven mentions Olivia, but Johnny says he won’t be visiting her. Maya asks Johnny about Ethan.

Lisa examines Ethan, who doesn’t want her help. Johnny plays referee. Lisa declares Ethan has cracked ribs and to  put peroxide on his cuts. When she goes to leave, Johnny tells her he wants her to check up on Ethan every day. She asks jim if she does, will he give her back the syringe?

Johnny tells Ethan to tell Maya the truth, but Ethan refuses and asks Johnny to lie for him as well. Maya comes knocking, so Ethan hides and she asks Johnny if he’s seen or heard from Ethan.

Brooke and Nikolas return from a night of clubbing, having enjoyed themselves. After some small talk about the fun they’ve been having, Nik sits down on the couch to catch a nap and Brooke curls up with him.

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Liz and Aiden show up, catching the two napping. Nikolas wonders if he forgot a scheduled visit but she apologizes for interrupting them. When Nik heads out for a minute, Liz tells Brook she can leave, since they’ll be having family time. Brook thinks Liz has realized she’s not getting Lucky back, and that Nikolas is rich, so she’s coming back to him. When Nikolas returns, they make small talk and Nik asks if Brook wants to hold Aiden, but Liz quickly jumps in and doesn’t allow it. Brook leaves and Liz tells Nikolas that both she and Aiden have missed him.

Alexis is ready to bring Kristina and Molly to school as Molly is being honoured for her heroism from the bus crash. Molly doesn’t want to go, claims she’s sick and gets angry when Alexis feels she should be recognized. Alexis calls Viola to come stay with her, and heads off to work. Kristina wonders why Molly is lying, that she was courageous and should accept the honour, but Molly’s afraid of the crowd and the noise.

Spinelli and Diane meet to go over the book they’re collaborating on. Lucky shows up, looking for information on Jerry and his connection to Alexander. Diane quickly throws the word hypothetical in order to allow them to discuss the case. Lucky asks if they can get more information to find the Balkan. Diane realizes that he’s worried about Siobhan and wonders if the threat was gone, would Siobhan stick around.

Jason questions Siobhan about the night Jerry fell in the harbour and she retells the lie she told Lucky. Jason feels the story doesn’t add up, but Siobhan gets angry, so he tells her to have Lucky call him and leaves. Siobhan calls the Balkan to warn him that Jason is snooping around.

Lucky comes home and Siobhan angrily tells him about her visit from Jason. Lucky defends Jason and says he only wants her to be safe and wants full honesty from her. As she’s leading him to the bedroom, her Balkan phone rings.

Brenda stops by Jax’ to offer condolences about Jerry. He asks about her ring and they discuss her wedding plans. She invites him to the wedding, but he tells her he can’t go because he feels she’ll realize she made a bad decision.

Jason comes home and asks Brenda about her visit with Jax. He asks if Jax knows if Jerry is the Balkan, but Brenda didn’t ask. Brenda says she needs to go looking at wedding venues, but when Jason balks at that because of the security risk, she angrily asks him why he’s trying to wreck everything. They argue about her protection. Jason asks her to postpone the wedding until the Jerry/Balkan thing has been figured out. Brenda declares that Jason wants her to cancel her wedding so as not to lose her. Ego much?

When Lisa returns to the hospital, she tries to tell Patrick that Johnny’s more interested in her than she wants but Patrick tells her she’s lying. He says he remembers seeing Johnny in the hall the day of the syringe incident and checked into the records and knows Johnny had an appointment that same day. Patrick questions whether she handed off the syringe to Johnny. About time someone bought a clue.