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General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Pulls a Gun on Brenda!

Here’s the Scoop!


More wedding nightmares… and Sonny pulls a gun on his bride to be! Once again, Sonny is dreaming of doom day on his wedding day and when he wakes up, he holds a gun on a very surprised Brenda. What a way to start a life together!

Jerry wasn’t the Balkan… yeah we already know that, but now Jason et al will too. Armed with this information, Jason tries to call off the nuptials, but the Bride and Groom won’t hear it.

Dante and Brenda continue to give their Attorney more information and Theo figures out how his son’s life ended. Theo will also push harder on the “traitor.” Is he the catalyst to Dante and Lulu’s break-up? It looks like Theo lets it slip to Lulu that Dante and Brenda were involved in a murder cover-up when Dante guarded Brenda in NYC. Tired of the lies, Lulu ends things with Dante.

Will Lulu and love ever survive? She sure thinks she suffers from the “Spencer curse.” Michael finds his brother a wreck when he arrives home. Dante tries to get Lulu to see that he loves her, but Lulu’s trust has been exhausted. Feeling that she is to blame, Brenda wants to fix things between Dante and Lulu. While trying to bury herself in work at Crimson, Lulu is less than thrilled when Brenda shows up telling her to give Dante another chance.

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Abby lies to Michael! Brandon, the ex, taunts Abby for her arrest and asks her if she’s available for purchase. Carly overhears and tells Abby to do the right thing by Michael and walk away. Abby lies to Michael, telling him she really is a hooker and that he should stay clear of her. Still unhappy with Sam, Carly goes back for another round for introducing Michael and Abby. Jason defends his lady and Michael once again takes his mother to task. Michael and Jason talk as Michael still has a hard time discussing his past. Gee, maybe therapy isn’t a bad idea Jason! Jason wants Abby to be honest with Michael.

Kelly Lee makes another appearance! Sam and Dr. Lee will talk about the procedure that could allow Sam to have a baby.

Siobhan dumps Lucky! What’s her reason? That’s what Lucky wants to know. Confronting her, Lucky wants answers as to why she abruptly ended things.

Molly freaks out! After a nightmare, she emotionally breaks down, scaring Kristina. Molly looks into bi-polar disorder online and concerned she’s suffering from it, seeks out her Uncle Sonny to discuss it. After leaving Sonny’s office, Molly hears a car accident that triggers a PTSD attack.

Terrell… he scores points with Robin when he volunteers his time at the AIDS wing. Patrick sees green when Terrell pays attention to Robin. Later, Patrick finds Lisa and Terrell having drinks.

CRAZY and RANDOM… A “mercenary” arrives in Port Charles. Johnny better watch out. Dante and Theo are not getting along. Michael has memories of Carter. Diane gets Carly proof of Dante and Brenda’s baby. Spinelli begs Carly to not drop the bomb. Will Claire be Theo’s co-counsel? Steve checks on Olivia. Nikolas and Brook get closer with their first kiss. Will Liz play dirty? The Balkan threatens Lulu. Does Maya want to stay at the Q Mansion? Brandon gets physical with Abby.