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One Life to Live Recap: According to You

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Natalie: Even if she got herself together and she told John and Jessica, I mean... even if she told them the truth... who’s going to believe her?

John and Natalie are in awe of their “perfect little guy.” John couldn’t help but notice the shotgun and broken phones at the lodge and he wonders what happened. Meanwhile, Marty is pleading with the nurse to check on “[her] baby” because someone is trying to steal him. Her panic escalates until she pushes past the nurse.

Before Natalie can begin her story, Marty bursts in, telling John about hitting her head in the courthouse and insisting that he deserves the truth. Marty rambles on, her disconnection from reality increasingly apparent. She believes Natalie pushed her down the stairs and also framed Cole, and she screams that Nat will do anything to protect herself. John and the staff remove Marty from Nat’s room as Natalie realizes that Marty has “totally lost it.”

Natalie decides she can’t break John’s heart and she tells her son the secret is between them. Marty is medicated, and John insists that she rest. John returns to Natalie, informing her that Marty’s suffering a breakdown. Nat launches into her story. At the courthouse, she told Marty off, but they decided to focus on Jessica and head to the hospital. Nat then recounted the rest of the events accurately, only with Natalie and Marty’s roles reversed. John promises everything is over now and they are a family. In her own room, Marty lies in restraints.

Jessica and Brody stare at their son in wonderment. Jess and Brody both admit to being terrified throughout the ordeal, but they’re really lucky. Brody insists that he would’ve been just as thrilled with a girl, but he never thought he’d have a family. Jess believes he deserves this. Brody enlightens Jessica to the fact that Natalie had her baby as well, also a boy. Jess wants to see everyone, but just for a little while longer, she wants it to be just the three of them.

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Starr and Dani sneak into the police station to see Nate, but they are busted by Detective Price. Dani’s pass expired and visiting hours are over. Starr tries to throw around her connection to Dorian, but Price isn’t swayed. Starr poses the unthinkable to Dani: people do snap, so maybe Nate is guilty. Dani swears Starr to secrecy and relays that Nate admitted to having “a plan.”

James arrives with food for Nate, and Dani grabs the bag. James wonders why Starr hasn’t called, but Starr didn’t want to make things worse. James insists they are friends no matter what. Dani returns, disheartened that Price brought the food to Nate instead of her. Starr comforts her sister.

Todd and Tea are getting intimate in their bedroom when Blair barges in. Todd accuses her of having no life, but Blair just came by to show Todd the painting. The style is familiar to Tea. When Blair asks if Todd ever commissioned a painting, Todd snaps that he wouldn’t do that because he’s trying to forget Blair. Disgusted, Blair leaves, but interrupts again because she forgot the painting. Todd tells Blair to leave them alone, and screams at her to get out. Blair does so happily; he’s Tea’s problem now.

Todd wants to get busy, but Tea isn’t in the mood. She has to work on Nate’s case. Todd suggests that Tea “water-board Inez,” and he offers her the use of his “consultants,” but Tea scoffs. Eventually, she relents.

Kelly sees Dorian "incognita" and Dorian reveals that she was on a mission. So was Kelly, but Kelly crashed and burned. Kelly admits that she was willing to sacrifice her own happiness until she saw the photo. Dorian encourages Kelly to investigate Aubrey further, but Kelly can’t hurt Joey again.

Joey is questioning Aubrey about the picture when Cutter enters the room, claiming to be Aubrey’s brother. Explain the picture, Joey demands. Cutter surprised his sister in Spain, and dragged her to a club even though she was under the weather. They both feign disgust at the picture making it appear that a brother is groping his sister. Aubrey accuses Joey of not trusting her, and he apologizes, explaining that Kelly was concerned for him. Joey leaves.

The La Boulaie doorbell rings; it’s Joey. He admonishes Kelly; Joey embarrassed himself and hurt Aubrey. Cutter is Aubrey’s brother, and he orders Kelly to stay out of his life. Dorian returns to the foyer and promises, “if that’s her brother, I’ll eat this wig.” Dorian advises Kelly not to give up. Privately, Dorian wonders why Aubrey seems familiar.

Cutter calls himself a genius, but Aubrey knees him in the groin. She insists that Kelly will figure out the truth, but Cutter will handle her. Joey returns and wants to take Aubrey and Cutter to dinner. Cutter agrees, but leaves to book his own room. Joey promises Aubrey that Kelly won’t bother them anymore.