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Sara Bibel on Y&R's Baby Story: "I Can Imagine Bill Bell Watching From Heaven and Screaming About Missed Emotional Beats"

Former The Young and the Restless writer Sara Bibel weighed in on the soap's latest baby saga via her Fancast blog Deep Soap, and it looks like she isn't exactly thrilled with the pacing for my Billy and Victoria's (Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle) storyline.


‘The Young & the Restless‘ is rushing their latest stolen baby storyline like the show is about to end. I can imagine Y&R’s creator, Bill Bell, watching the show from heaven and screaming about all the missed emotional beats. As much as I dislike that Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) are determined to have a baby less than six months after getting married, if that’s what their story is going to be, than tell it from beginning to end.

Oooh, Sara! Maria Arena Bell doesn't like it when you criticize her stories; just ask Michael Logan. For my money, I am actually enjoying the baby story (minus any mention of Daisy). Yeah, it's being told in MAB's break-neck, plot driven manner du jour, but at least it features the most adorable pairng in daytime. What do you guys think? Read the rest of Bibel's review here.  

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