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All My Children Spoilers: David Wakes Up!

Here’s the Scoop!


Liza wants to push back the trial… so she can be a mother to Colby. Erica wants the charges dropped and Liza agrees.

David wakes up! Does he remember that Kendall was the one holding the gun that shot him? You bet he does! Erica wants David to know her story and only her story. David tells her he knows who really shot him. How will Erica twist this one? She goes to Jesse and tells him that David’s brain just ain’t right since being in that coma.

Kendall freaks when she finds out David has come out of his coma. Erica tells Bianca to keep her sister far, far away from David. Kendall goes to see David who tells the widow he knows she tried to kill him. Erica wants to protect Kendall and decides to tell David that Kendall has no recollection of shooting him. David, however, wants Kendall to pay for what she did. Jesse wants to question David, but David asks for his attorney, claiming to be too weak. With Liza as the D.A., who will be David’s lawyer? Marissa!

Krystal! How I’ve missed you. Krystal is less than thrilled about Marissa representing her father. She tries to talk her out of it, but fails. Marissa tells David he better play by the rules.

While Erica has yet another crisis to manage… she has Caleb to lean on. Jack turns to Krystal, unhappy over the amount of time Erica spends with Caleb. When Erica and Jackson learn from Bianca that Kendall isn’t in her room, Erica goes after her daughter telling Jack she doesn’t need him.

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Ryan pops the question! Greenlee says yes! Jackson is happy for his daughter, Erica is worried for hers and how she’ll handle the news of the engagement. Kendall acts ok when finding out about Ryan and Greenlee while Ryan sees how she really feels. How will Madison handle the engagement news?

David wants to see his wife… and he’s using Erica to make it happen. He’ll blackmail the diva with Kendall’s guilt, telling Erica to get Greenlee to come see him. Once again, Erica goes to Caleb with her troubles who promises to help her. Greenlee does pay her hubby a visit, where they talk about all that has happened between them and how they've changed. 

Scott takes the job at the hospital, but isn’t happy that it’s “low-level.” Madison is impressed that he is trying re-building his life, even if it is from the bottom. Ryan sees the two together.

Cara’s secret… She had leukemia as a child. She’ll tell both Tad and Jake.

JR and Annie… Annie wants JR to set a date to divorce Marissa and stick to it. JR sees that Crazy Annie is present and he must do something about it.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Damon doesn’t want to leave Pine Valley. Kendall and Griffin get closer as he encourages her to move back into the master bedroom. Ryan meets with the FAA and is not convinced that the faulty valve was the real cause of the crash. David gets to stay in the hospital and out of prison. Cara thinks Kendall and Griffin would be good for one another. Natalia and Brot are out in the open and Jesse has to fire one of them. Asher finds out about Damon and Liza. Damon decides to leave.