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General Hospital: Perkie`s Observations

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Sonny has another dream about Brenda disappearing at the altar. Diane shows up, with a pre-nup. Sonny’s not happy about that, feeling that she’s not his shrink butting in his life. Sonny admits his life is dangerous and Diane wonders why he’s still getting married, since nothing has changed. Sonny feels that Brenda’s going into this wedding with her eyes wide open and that he’s worth the risk.


Jason feels Brenda and Sonny should postpone the wedding until the threat from the Balkan is over, but Brenda feels he’ll just miss her once she’s gone. Carly arrives, and interrupts them and asks to speak to Jason alone about Michael. Brenda asks about Michael, but Carly tells her to mind her business. Brenda insists she’s going to be Michael’s stepmother once she marries Sonny, but Carly reminds her again that she’s nothing to Michael and insists to Jason that he leave Brenda out of things.

Spinelli shows up at Lucky’s with info, but doesn’t want to spill the beans in front of Siobhan. However, she insists on hearing his news, since she was also a target. It seems Jerry accessed one of Alexander’s accounts. Spin heads out to let Jason know and Siobhan doesn’t believe that Jerry was the Balkan.

Lulu arrives, to talk to Lucky, so Siobhan heads out. Lucky lets Lulu know that the body wasn’t Jerry’s, but they still don’t know if he was the Balkan. Lulu wonders if the danger is gone and if Siobhan plans on heading back to Ireland, because if she stays, she’ll need a green card or have to marry a citizen. Lucky denies that marriage is on the table and Lulu believes he’s vulnerable and needs time to heal from his breakup with Liz.

Michael brings Dante his cell phone and the two chitchat about laundry and Olivia, until Ronnie brings in Abby, who’s been arrested for prostitution. Michael gets angry with Ronnie and goes at him, and needs to be pulled off by Dante.

Dante asks about Michael’s relationship with Abby and he goes on about how she’s easy to talk to and insists Abby isn’t a prostitute. Michael asks for his help in getting Abby out of trouble.

Dante asks Abby if she’s been lying to Michael, but she insists she’s never taken money for sex and that she’s just a dancer to pay the bills. Abby insists that if she were just after money, she would have taken Carly’s.

Ronnie tells Dante that he got an anonymous tip. Dante assumes that Ronnie arrested Abby on purpose to get to Michael, but Ronnie denies knowing anything about Mabby. Johnny shows up to bail out the girls, because he’s apparently the owner of the strip club.

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Dante releases Abby, who apologizes for meeting him this way. Michael offers to drive her home, but she’s says no.

Maya admits to Johnny that while the million dollars is important, so is Ethan and that Vegas was the best days of her life. Johnny asks if she’s told this to Ethan, but she hasn’t. She’s worried about investing in Ethan. Johnny feels the two need an honest conversation. Johnny gets a call and leaves. Ethan shows himself but claims he wasn’t beaten up, which Maya doesn’t believe.

Patrick tells Lisa that he believes she gave Johnny the syringe and he’s now blackmailing her. Lisa denies it, saying there was never a syringe since Robin made the whole thing up. Terrell and Robin show up being very chummy, which rubs Patrick the wrong way.

Robin questions what Patrick and Lisa were talking about, but he dismisses it and commends her for not fighting with Lisa. Lisa and Terrell discuss Robin, and he gushes about how sweet a girl she is and Lisa warns him not to fall for Robin.

Robin and Terrell continue to chitchat, which seems to make Patrick jealous and Lisa happy. The two discuss music, which turns to a conversation about Stone that leads Robin to admit she’s HIV positive. Terrell sends Lisa a dirty look.

Siobhan meets with the Balkan, who reminds her he has the upper hand and to never hang up on him again. She finds a picture of a woman (her sister) bound and gagged and promises to kill him if something happens to her. The Balkan tells her to shut it and asks about Luke and the Spencer’s connection to Sonny. He tells her to get herself invited to the wedding, so she can watch his revenge on Brenda.

Carly shows up at the PI office looking for Spinelli, but finds Diane. She gets emotional about Michael, but Diane sees right through the charade and wants to know what’s up. Carly says she needs to stop the BraSon immediately. Carly claims Brenda and Dante had a child and she needs Diane’s help in stopping the wedding.

Spinelli meets with Jason and questions the wedding plans. Jason claims he wants BraSon to get married, so he can get rid of Brenda. Spinelli thought the wedding would be on hold because of the Balkan and says they need to stop the wedding or Carly will.

Patrick pays Johnny a visit. Patrick lets him know that Lisa is crazy and has been terrorizing his family. He also informs Jonny that he’s figured out that Johnny’s got the syringe and he wants it.

Dante meets with Sonny, who asks him to be his best man. Dante says he can’t. Sonny wonders why as Brenda walks in.