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One Life to Live Recap: Fields of Innocence

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Téa: Then why are you letting him take the fall for a murder you committed?

Tea is desperate for a miracle to save Nate, but Todd isn’t fazed. Did Todd buy a judge? Dani thanks Todd for The Sun’s headline that indicates Nate deserves a parade rather than prison. Tea fears it could backfire. Dani doesn’t understand why Nate confessed, but she determines that Tea has a theory. She offers to guess, but Tea’s having none of it. Todd and Dani both agree that Tea is the best. Todd encourages Tea to “take no prisoners.”

After Tea’s gone, Dani and Todd talk, and Todd insists that Nate didn’t commit murder. Dani believes Todd is confessing to the crime, but Todd only meant that Nate isn’t capable. Dani looks sheepish.

Todd calls Detective Price. Price arrives and is angry with Todd for fabricating a crime, but Todd needs help clearing his name. Later, Price calls Todd with news that a partial print was discovered near Todd’s jewelry box. It doesn’t belong to a member of the Manning family.

Ford and James visit Nate in jail, and Ford calls Nate an idiot for confessing. Nate was about to skate on the charges, guilty or not. Ford asks where Nate hid the fifty thousand dollars that was in Eddie’s possession. His plan is to pay off the transfer officer and break out Nate. Unfortunately, Nate never took the money.

At the gym, Starr tells Langston that James is now dating others. Starr’s heart is unavailable, and James deserves better. Starr admits to feeling jealous, though, when James clearly received a call from a girl. Michelle introduces herself to Starr and asks if James has a girlfriend. She doesn’t want to invest in James if he’s not available.

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James and Ford arrive. Michelle and James talk privately and she asks him to her sorority’s Valentine’s dance. After she leaves, Starr and James each claim to be happy to be moving on. Ford confides in Langston that he thinks Nate is covering up something. Langston notes when Ford refers to Nate as his “little brother.”

Nora drops by Clint’s office and congratulates him on his newest grandbabies. Matthew eavesdrops, as Nora questions why Clint advised Bo to lie to her. Clint didn’t want the situation blown out of proportion, and Bo keeping quiet would protect Bo and Nora’s marriage.

Nora is happy that Matthew hasn’t absorbed Clint’s idea of ethics. Matthew told Nora the truth after hearing “a rumor” that Bo cheated after believing that Nora cheated. Due to Bo and Nora being public figures, per Clint, they’re targets. Nora accuses Clint of being happy about a possible divorce, Bo and Nora “getting what [they] deserve” after hurting Clint. Clint was over Nora as soon as Kim arrived, and he promises that he never wanted to see Nora suffer. Nora leaves, dubious.

Inez delivers her resignation to Bo. She thinks the situation will be uncomfortable for them and those with whom they work. Bo apologizes, but Inez says Bo’s been “nothing but wonderful.” Rex interrupts, and Inez leaves.

Rex reveals that Inez had an appointment with Marty, wherein Inez was prescribed medication that causes disorientation if paired with alcohol. That’s not proof, but Bo does remember Inez returning home with a pharmacy bag. If Inez drugged Bo, she no longer has an alibi for the murder. Bo wants to pay Rex, but Rex refuses, insisting he owes Bo.

Clint wonders why Matthew didn’t expose Clint, and Matthew says it’s because Clint is the only person who treats him like an adult. Matthew views Clint as more of a father than Bo, but Rex, who is standing in the doorway, insists that Bo is a great guy who loves his son. Once alone, Rex questions Clint about his connection to Inez.

At the courthouse, Tea is honest about what Nate is facing, and Inez feels helpless. Tea instructs Inez to “do what’s right.” Nora steps off the elevator and Inez scurries off to see Nate. Tea reveals to Nora her theory that Inez killed Eddie.

Inez has an alibi, but Tea pushes until Nora admits that Inez was having sex with Nora’s husband at the time of Eddie’s murder. Tea feels terribly, especially because Bo and Nora “belong together.” Nora isn’t so sure anymore. Tea doesn’t want to paint the picture, but says Inez could’ve left Bo in bed to commit the crime. Nora adds her theory that Inez was behind Nora’s kidnapping and may have killed Eddie to shut him up. Tea wants to run with it, but Nora can’t bask in that “revenge fantasy” because her hands are tied. Nate must recant.

The hearing begins. Bo enters and Nora smiles in spite of herself when she sees him. Tea calls Inez to the stand, and accuses Inez of allowing Nate to take the blame for murder she committed.