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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny wants to know why Dante won’t stand up for him at the wedding, and tells him to do it for Michael’s sake. Sonny is aware that he’s hurt Dante in ways one shouldn’t (how big of him to acknowledge that). Dante says he’ll be at the wedding, but as guest. Brenda jumps in claiming she understands that the two have a difficult relationship because of that whole shooting thing, but it’s her wedding day (HERS Damn It) and she wants the whole family involved. Brenda lays it on thick stating that all the kids are in the wedding party and he should do it for his siblings. Dante doesn’t want to get emotionally involved in Sonny’s life and go down that path with him, but Sonny begs (like a little girl) Dante to put his feelings aside for one day. Dante finally gives in and agrees.

Jason wants to know how Carly will be stopping the wedding, but Spinelli back pedals and simply claims that it's Carly and anyone who doesn’t think she’ll try to stop the wedding is, well, simple. Spin claims he’s been doing a psychological study for the book he’s writing, which Jason is not happy to hear about and insists on reading a copy before allowing it to be published.


Carly tells Diane her version of the Brante story. At first, Diane believes it to be one of Carly’s crazy schemes, until Carly shows her the paper that Spinelli got. Carly needs Diane to get a legitimate copy of the paper, with the proper stamps, as it will be the only way Sonny will believe it. Diane’s not happy to stick her neck on the line. Carly claims if the truth about Brante comes out after the wedding, Brenda will turn to Dante. Diane wonders why Brenda is going through with the wedding, and warns Carly to tell the truth sooner rather than later. Diane insists that her butt be covered and Carly promises to keep the news of her involvement out of it.

Jason shows up, looking for something, and at first, the women assume that he knows about the legal document. It turns out; he’s looking for the book stuff that’s already been written. Diane admits to being a co-author and Jason warns her that if there’s anything about him in the book, she’ll be suing herself on his behalf. I laughed at that line.

Diane leaves and Carly swears she’s not involved in the book writing, but Jason wonders what she has up her sleeve. Carly swears innocence and an angel loses its wings!! Carly insists she’s not devious all the time and Jason (and I) get a hearty chuckle out of that one. Jason tells her to leave the BraSon wedding alone, and let them implode on their own.

Brooklyn shows up at Lucky’s to whine about Liz showing up all the time and paying visits to Nikolas with the baby. Seriously, what exactly did she expect Lucky to do? Lucky feels it’s a good thing if Nik and Aiden spend time together. Nik shows up, and thinks Brook is there to facilitate a brotherly reconciliation. Brook decides not to lie and admits she’s wanking about Liz and her manipulations.

Brook leaves and Lucky wonders how Nik feels about Liz. Nikolas doesn’t want to read too much into her visits. He doesn’t want to be the rebound guy now that Lucky is off the table, but he wonders how Lucky would feel if Niz rekindled their relationship. Lucky doesn’t want to be involved or consulted and wonders if Nik wants his approval. Nik says he wants understanding. Lucky tells him to follow his heart, but if he does, make sure it’s for love and not guilt or obligation.

Patrick lets Johnny know that Lisa’s been trying to destroy his family. As expected, Johnny denies all knowledge of the syringe and figures Patrick just wants to blame someone else for his screw-ups. Patrick owns up to his ish by admitting that everyone knows what he did and all he wants is to keep Robin safe. Johnny figures it’s a win win if Lisa moves on to him, but Patrick warns him not to let his guard down. Patrick insists to Johnny that Lisa is smart, conniving, has no conscience and will turn on him. Johnny assures Patrick that he isn’t worried.

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Terrell tells Robin a story of a friend of his, who also contacted HIV and died at 28. When Robin leaves, Terrell corners Lisa and chews her out about not giving that bit of information. Lisa dismisses his concerns and is happy that Terrell and Robin are getting along and have common ground. Terrell wonders what else she’s keeping from him.

Terrell congratulates Robin on catching an issue with a patient. Patrick shows up and leads Robin away to talk. Johnny shows up for a chat with Lisa. Terrell asks Pif who Johnny is and doesn’t like the answer he’s given. Johnny offers Lisa a present and shows her the syringe in his jacket.

Siobhan pleads with Balkan to let her and her sister go, that she’s served her purpose. The Balkan quickly lets her know that he decides what happens and he’s not ready to be rid of her. He tells her she will continue to watch Lucky, report any Brenda activity and when called upon, will lure Lucky to his death.

Lucky’s planning a romantic dinner, but Siobhan’s not interested. In fact, she doesn’t want to settle down with the kids and the house. She feels trapped and feels Lucky is too attached, and declares them officially over.

Dante stops by Jason’s to let him know the DNA from Jerry and Alexander didn’t match, therefore they are not father and son, so the Balkan is still out there.

Carly pays Sonny a visit and is surprised to hear the news about Dante. Sonny claims he wants all of his family in the wedding, including Michael and Morgan and since Morgan needs her permission, he’s asking for it. Sonny feels it wouldn’t be fair not to include Morgan. Carly feels she doesn’t want the kids to buy into the fantasy. Sonny tells her to come right out and tell him what information she thinks she has.

Diane interrupts Theo looking at a photo of Alexander and Brenda, but she doesn’t notice the photo because Brenda just happens to arrive at that exact moment. Diane leaves them to go over the events of the shooting. Brenda tells her story and Theo tries to trip her up and confuse her a couple of times. When she finishes her story, he asks her who Alexander is.