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One Life to Live Recap: Lose Control

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Clint: And he came to you? Talk about ‘one step forward, two steps back.’

Rex asks Clint about Inez, but Clint doesn’t think it’s Rex’s business. It is, because it’s Bo’s business. The hatred is mutual between Rex and Clint, but Rex needs Clint’s help. Rex believes Bo is innocent. Bo doesn’t remember anything, which means he may have been drugged, and Inez may have gone to those lengths to secure an alibi. Clint says Nate confessed and talk of “femme fatales and a cover-up” is ridiculous; Bo must face his actions. Rex is skeptical.

Tea goes after Inez on the stand, but the judge halts her. Nate confessed as a means to “mortgage his future to pay for hers.” Tea wants to put Nate on the stand, and when the judge resists, Nora steps up, inclined to sort out a possible cover-up before sending a teenager to prison. Todd storms in and announces that Nate is guilty of the murder and of framing Todd. Bo calls the precinct, and says that Todd has the facts straight.

Nate offers testimony. He robbed Todd and Tea with the intention of framing Eddie, but on his way to the motel, he decided to kill Eddie instead. Tea’s questions trip up Nate until he blurts that he didn’t do it. In actuality, Eddie was dead when Nate arrived and Nate got scared. The cufflink slipped out of his bag, but he returned the rest of the pieces to the jewelry box. Tea figures that Nate concocted his story when the murder weapon was discovered in the Salinger apartment. Nate caves; he’s covering for Inez. Inez is tearful and shocked as everyone, including Dani, Bo, and Nora, stare at her.

Marty falls deeper into psychosis, fantasizing about her son with John and how John hired Natalie as a nanny for when John must work. Natalie assures Marty that she loves the baby with all her heart, and Marty snaps, screaming for John.

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John brings Natalie and the baby in to see Jessica and company. Jess and Nat are sure their sons will be best friends. John gives Brody some stogies. No names have been chosen, but no one wants to rush it either. John tells Jessica that Marty isn’t well, and Jessica is empathetic, wanting to see her friend, but Brody talks her out of it. Security asks for John’s assistance with Marty. Natalie wants Jess to hold Nat’s baby, but Jess suggests Brody instead. Natalie nervously watches Brody with the baby.

In the hall, John runs into Roxy. She congratulates “Big Daddy” on his “McBundle.” Roxy would’ve been there earlier, but she was on a roll in Atlantic City, drank too much, and woke up “leg-chained to a llama, covered in cake batter.” Roxy has pink balloons, John points out. Roxy is aware they had a boy, but she had to “fight a guy” in the gift shop and he won the last of the blue balloons.

Vimal arrives at Clint’s office with blue balloons, congratulating the new grandpa. Vimal says hello to Rex, and Rex is curious of how Vimal knows him. Vimal covers by saying Clint has instructed Vimal to keep Rex from “all things Buchanan.” Rex must leave to visit his sister and nephew, but Clint snaps that Rex is not family. Rex, and he reasons Natalie as well, begs to differ. Rex has been Natalie’s brother longer than Clint has been her father. “That’s gotta burn.”

Roxy congratulates Jessica and Brody, and mistaking Natalie’s baby for Jessica’s, insists the baby is Brody’s clone. Natalie corrects Roxy, who backpedals. Rex arrives, thrilled to be an uncle. Roxy gets emotional, certain that Natalie and Rex are already better parents than Roxy ever was. They fill Roxy in on how Nat gave birth, and Roxy is adamant that Marty not “get a pass.”

In Marty’s room, John promises Marty the baby is fine. Marty agrees to get better, but she’s upset that she can’t hold the baby because of the restraints. John speaks to security, informing them that Marty shouldn’t be left alone. Roxy arrives, ready to tangle with Marty.

Alone, Natalie tells a supportive Rex the truth about the happenings at the lodge. Security stepped away from Marty’s room in order to change guards, and in that time, Marty got the jump on Roxy, who is now restrained in Marty’s bed. John and Natalie watch their son through the window before John returns Nat to her room. Marty arrives and gazes through the nursery window. “Mama’s here.”

Clint pops the balloons, and Vimal’s offended because he had to “fight a woman who smelled vaguely like llama.” Clint has other worries: damage control. Vimal encourages Clint to focus on the new blessing, and Clint apologizes. Clint is proud of his two daughters. Vimal wasn’t aware that Clint had two... until now. Clint makes a call and orders the person on the other end to make sure Nate goes away for murder. Outside Clint’s office, Vimal panics that he made a mistake.