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One Life to Live Spoilers: Clint's Schemes Begin To Unravel!

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A confession, an arrest and a woman gone crazy turn things upside down in Llanview. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of January 17! (Don't forget One Life to Live will air a classic episode on Wednesday, January 19.) 


Inez/Bo/Nora/Clint: Nate confesses to the court that he was indeed covering for his mother. However, the judge absolutely refuses to drop the case against him. Inez is touched that Nate would go to jail for her, but Inez insists she's innocent. Inez decides it’s time to admit to Bo and Nora she never had sex with Bo. Bo and Nora are floored by Inez's confession. She tells Bo that Clint was behind everything. Bo can't believe his brother is the cause of all his problems. Inez is arrested and Clint ends up on the wrong end of a gun.

Bo visits Clint and the two have it out. When Bo leaves, Clint realizes his scheme is falling apart. Meanwhile, Vimal confesses to his wife, Rama, all the dirty deeds he's done for Clint. Bo returns home and finds Matthew. Bo tells Matthew the basics of what happened that day and that he didn't sleep with Inez. Bo orders Matthew to stop working for Clint. Bo comes up with a plan to use Inez to catch Clint red handed in his lies. Matthew goes to visit Clint and lets him have it for telling him his parents were cheating in order to stop Matthew from discovering that Rex is Clint's son. Clint can't weasel his way out of this one with Matthew. He runs into Viki and tells her he's setting up two trust funds for their newest grandchildren, just in case something happens to him. Nora is around when this happens and Viki can sense the tension between Clint and Nora. Are things about to come tumbling down for Clint?

Nate/Tea/Dani/Starr: While at breakfast with Tea, Todd and Dani, Starr won't react well when she sees James with Michelle. In the meantime, Nate is with Inez trying to figure out who put the gun in their apartment. Tea and Dani accompany Nate to his hearing. The judge drops all the charges against Nate. Before Nate celebrates, he asks Tea to represent Inez. Tea goes with Dani and Nate to visit Inez and is shocked to discover that she is gone. Where is Inez?

Aubrey/Joey/Kelly/Rex/Cutter: Kelly tells Rex that Cutter is Aubrey's brother. Rex checks to see if Aubrey is telling the truth and his early results confirm Aubrey's claim. However, that doesn't stop Kelly from being suspicious of Aubrey. Kelly and Aubrey see each other at the gym and the encounter is not pleasant. Joey walks in on the two ladies fighting and Aubrey plays the helpless victim. Kelly becomes even more infuriated and storms off. Joey tells Aubrey that her deception of Kelly doesn't sound like the woman he knows.

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Kelly goes into the steam room to relax and finds Cutter there, in only a towel. Cutter kisses Kelly and it's fireworks. Meanwhile, Joey talks to Aubrey about their future and she can hardly hide her regret and heightening feelings for him. After her kiss with Cutter, Kelly visits Ford to question him about Aubrey and Cutter. Cutter proceeds to insert himself into Joey and Aubrey's lives. Will Joey ever grow a brain?

John/Natalie/Marty/Roxy: John and Natalie find Roxy tied up in Marty's bed and wonder where Marty could be. John checks the nursery and finds Marty attempting to leave with Natalie's baby. John gets worried when he realizes that Marty honestly thinks the baby is hers. John and Natalie play along with Marty for the safety of the baby. John manages to get the baby away from Marty and Marty is quickly taken away to St. Ann's. Will Natalie ever tell the truth about her scuffle with Marty?

Echo/Dorian: Echo talks to Clint about Dorian's intuition that Clint is Rex's father. Echo rubs Clint the wrong way when she talks about how much he's changed since they hooked up 27 years ago. Dorian continues her journey to get the truth out of Echo. Will Dorian be able to get proof of her suspicions?

Blair/Cristian/Layla: Cristian finds another clue about the mysterious painting of Blair from Eli. Blair and Cristian head to Paris to investigate the clue. The duo meets with a gallery owner who claims he sold Blair's painting to an American lawyer (Eli) and has the original artist's address. Blair and Cristian are about to leave Paris, when Layla shows up. Blair leaves the Cristian and Layla alone to find the artist's address. Cristian wants to lay everything out on the line and admits he spent the night with Blair, but didn't have sex with her. Layla breaks Cristian's heart when she confesses that she slept with her boss. With Layla out of the way, will Cristian hook up with Blair?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (January 24th):

  • Kelly gets caught looking through Cutter's things.
  • Todd encourages Starr to be with James.
  • Aubrey threatens Clint.
  • Clint gives Joey two options for his future.
  • Blair updates Todd about the mysterious painting.
  • Echo finds a cyberbulling message on Shane's Myface page.