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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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On today’s General Hospital, Brenda spills too many beans, Siobhan rips out Lucky’s heart and stomps on it and Abby lies to protect Michael from himself.


Siobhan insists that she and Lucky are going in different directions, want different things, and she wants to move on. Lucky feels like he’s missing something and wonders if he’s scaring her away. Siobhan mentions Liz and feels Lucky is rebounding from her. Siobhan informs Lucky that she didn’t sign up for all of that. Lucky feels they made a real connection, but Siobhan claims that maybe it was Ronan she really wanted. She says she doesn’t want to work things out or settle down and storms out.

Theo claims Brenda mentioned Aleksander’s name, and that if she continues to lie, the jury will see through her. Brenda asks not to be put on the stand, but Theo tells her he can’t protect her unless she’s truthful with him. Theo doesn’t like surprises and finally, Brenda tells the story while Theo gets angrier and angrier as the story unfolds. Theo questions whether she was alone during the shooting and Brenda lets it slip that Dante was with her. Brenda tells him Dante disposed of the body and Theo is upset at the possibility that Aleksander was still alive when tossed in the swamp.

Carly claims the BraSon marriage won’t last and doesn’t want her kids to fall for the fantasy. Sonny tells her that she doesn’t have to like Brenda, but he wishes she’d respect her. Carly feels the wedding shouldn’t happen because Brenda is lying to him and will destroy his life. Sonny feels she’s being petty and vindictive and all he wants is her permission for Morgan to be part of the wedding. Carly claims she won’t stand in his way, but to make sure Brenda doesn’t play the stepmother role because she’s Sonny’s mistake.

Jason and Dante wonder what the Balkan’s been doing all this time that they thought Jerry was the Balkan. Dante’s worried about his part in the shooting. Jason insists the truth shouldn’t come out. Dante lets Jason know what happened with Abby and Michael and feels that Michael dating Abby is trouble.

Johnny shows Lisa the syringe, but she claims it isn’t the one she gave him. He tells her about his visit with Patrick and how much he knows. Terrell interrupts for an introduction. Johnny lays it on thick, pretending to be dating Lisa and kisses her before leaving. Terrell is not happy that he’s rearranged his life for her; only to find out she’s got a thing for Patrick and Johnny.

Michael and Kristina meet to discuss a memorial for Allie. Michael doesn’t want to attend, but Kristina talks him into going. She then mentions girls who think he’s cute, because she clearly didn’t learn her lesson with Allie, but Michael isn’t interested and is heading out to meet with Abby. Kristina tells him she can’t pretend to be happy about him being with Abby, that she isn’t good enough for him.

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Claire pays Sonny a visit. She lets him know she’s working for Diane now and is currently one of his lawyers. Sonny tells her about the wedding plans. Sonny apologizes again for his treatment of Claire, but she’s fine with being dumped for the love of his life.

Dante and Jason interrupt Theo’s interrogation. Jason takes Brenda away and Theo insists on talking to Dante and lets him know what Brenda said. Theo feels Brenda will get hysterical on the stand and will bring up the first killing. Theo makes it known that he can’t sell 2 killings in less than 5 years. Dante claims Aleksander was a punk who didn’t take no for an answer. Theo is not happy with any of this.

Jason takes Brenda to Sonny’s, where she and Claire briefly meet. Jason tells him that Jerry isn’t the Balkan and feels they should postpone the wedding. Dante meets with Lucky, who mentions Siobhan dumping him and wonders what she isn’t telling him.

Abby’s ex, Brandon, lets her know that he was the one who called the police on her. She gets angry with him and he tells her not to blame him for getting caught hooking. Carly overhears and accuses Abby of being a hooker. Abby insists she doesn’t get paid for sex, but Carly feels Michael can easily go back to jail for hanging out with her and tells her to break it off and stay away.

Sam pays Kelly a visit to ask more questions about the fertility treatment. When Sam gets home, she checks the Internet for information. Jason comes home and lets her know that Jerry wasn’t the Balkan and about Abby’s arrest. Jason feels Abby is good for Michael and feels they have the same connection he and Sam have, but he’s worried about what will happen if Michael gets in trouble. Carly shows up, upset about the arrest.

Michael meets with Abby, she calls him a nice kid and Michael realizes she’s pushing him away. She claims she’s a hooker turning tricks, even though he insists that she isn’t and that he doesn’t believe her.

Siobhan meets with the Balkan. He asks if she knew that Brenda killed his son, but she claims she didn’t. She tells him he’ll have to continue his revenge without her. She informs the Balkan that Lucky broke up with her and she can’t help him anymore. He tells her to reconcile with him, make sure to be at the wedding, and continue to do what he wants her to. Siobhan’s phone rings. It’s her sister Megan, being held captive. Siobhan tells Balkan to let her sister go, but he wants her to help him make sure the wedding doesn’t happen.

Sonny wonders if they should postpone the wedding, but Brenda feels there will always be something that will go wrong. She doesn’t want to wait to start her life with him.