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One Life to Live Recap: Judgment Day

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Inez: I mean, I never slept with your husband!

On the witness stand, Nate admits to covering for Inez. Tea thinks it’s obvious Nate is innocent, but Nora doesn’t think anything is obvious. Tea wants the D.A. to authorize the Commissioner to arrest Inez. Nora doesn’t take kindly to being told how to do her job. The judge reprimands Tea, but instructs Nora to investigate Tea’s allegations further. A recess is called.

Nate yells at Tea that she should have let him save his mother, but Tea’s obligation is giving Nate the best defense. Bo believes Nate, and demands the “whole truth” from Inez. Court is back in session.

The judge wants to reconsider Nate’s recantation and the other charges before making a judgment, but Nate will remain in custody. Inez would never allow Nate to go to prison for a crime she committed, but she promises him she’s innocent.

Nora would love to arrest Inez, but Inez has an airtight alibi. How did the murder weapon end up in the Salinger apartment? Inez is clueless, but she believes someone wiht power, who was seeking revenge, planted the gun. Bo informs a surprised Inez that he’s aware of her prescription. He knows he wasn’t drunk, but he was passed out. When Nora asks what happened, Inez says that nothing happened. Nora presses, and Inez finally tells the truth: she and Bo never had sex.

In the hall, Nate apologizes to Tea for lying, and to Todd for stealing, but Tea promises that Todd won’t press charges. Todd reluctantly agrees. Tea vows that she’ll help Inez. Dani assures Nate that he’ll be free soon, but Nate worries it will be at his mother’s expense.

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At the hospital, Kelly informs Rex that Cutter is Aubrey’s brother. Rex thinks the photo looked sexual, and asks if she believes Aubrey; “Hell no! I think Aubrey’s a lying little bitch.” Rex uses Kelly’s laptop, and after hacking into official records, he confirms Aubrey’s claim. Maybe so, but Kelly still believes Aubrey is hiding something.

In the hall, John tells Natalie that he wants to take care of her. They notice a disturbance outside of Marty’s room and discover Roxy in Marty’s bed. Marty tells a nurse that a friend just gave birth, and because Marty is a doctor, the nurse gives her access. John catches Marty before she can leave the nursery. Marty fears that John doesn’t trust her with “our son,” but John insists otherwise. He’s there to take Marty home, but first, she has to hand over the baby.

Roxy wakes up and reveals that Marty “head butted” her. Rex arrives, and Natalie instructs him to stay with Roxy. Marty is just about to hand over the baby when Natalie arrives. Marty panics and locks the door. John yells at Nat to leave, but Natalie apologizes to Marty. Natalie tried to steal John back from Marty, but failed because “no one should destroy a family who’s meant to be together.”

Roxy is in pain, claiming that Marty has “one thick skull.” Rex is relieved that Roxy does as well, and he assures her that he will always think of Roxy as his mom. Being a parent isn’t “genetical,” according to Roxy.

A nurse arrives with a key, and Natalie steps out of view. John lies to Marty that he’s taking her home, but it’s cold outside, so the baby needs to be bundled up first. Marty unhands the baby, and John physically restrains Marty, pulling her to the floor as she cries out. Rex comforts Nat, and John informs them that Marty is going to St. Ann’s for treatment. Marty is wheeled past, blankly waving and smiling.

At the gym, Cutter kisses Aubrey, and she admonishes him. She doesn’t want him there, but Joey invited him. Joey arrives. They work out, and Cutter asks about Clint’s issues with Aubrey. Joey says that Clint believes any outsider is after the family fortune. Cutter and Aubrey exchange glances, as Joey says he couldn’t care less about the fortune, and neither could Aubrey.

In the steam room, Joey asks what Cutter does for a living. Cutter’s “in many ventures,” though nothing illegal. Cutter asks about Kelly. Joey thought Kelly was his friend, but romantically, he only loves Aubrey. Joey jokes that it’s good Cutter isn’t a criminal, because Joey’s uncle is the police commissioner. Cutter is stunned.

Kelly arrives, and Aubrey confronts her. Kelly insists she made a mistake about the photo, but she’s certain Aubrey has a “secret life.” Aubrey threatens to have Kelly arrested as a stalker. Aubrey grabs Kelly’s arm, but when Joey returns, Aubrey claims to be the victim. Kelly is astonished, but bows out gracefully. Joey thinks that’s unlike Kelly, and Aubrey accuses him of doubting her again. Joey says no, but his expression paints a different picture. Kelly and Cutter meet outside the steam room.