The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Second Thoughts For Amber?

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Amber/Tawny: The Moore women move into a trailer park together. Amber starts to have second thoughts on lying about Liam being her child's father, while Tawny contacts a friend to rig the DNA test.

Justin/Donna: The high school sweethearts have a heart to heart resulting in them getting back together. Stephen Logan returns with huge news. 

Stephen: The Logan patriarch's news leaves Donna and Stephanie blown away.

Nick/Stephanie: La Forrester attempts to have Nick stop smoking his cigars for Jack's sake and his health. Nick refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Jackie finds out about her son's health issues and he keeps downplaying them.

Thomas/Brooke: Logan and the Forrester heir talk about confessing all to Ridge.

Thomas: He's been a bad boy. Madison finds out about Thomas two-timing her with Summer and has a showdown with him.