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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Sharon Loses Faith!

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Sharon: Her relationship with Adam costs her big, when she loses full custody of Faith to Nick.

Cricket/Ronan/Nina/Chance: Ronan finally comes clean to Heather about Chance. The FBI agent gets torn to shreds by the attorney for not telling her his brother was alive. Things go from bad to worse for Ronan when Nina tells him she's not a match for the liver transplant and tells him to have his brother tested. Ronan is adamant on not having Chance tested so he can save the case and not bring any harm to him. Nina asks Cricket to have Chance tested so his liver can save Ronan's. Cricket isn't keen on the idea since she's trying to keep Chance safe to testify against the lame drug ring.

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Nina begs her BFF to have it done on the QT so her son can be saved. Cricket shocks them all by having Ronan fired for letting Heather know Chance is alive. She feels as though everyone's lives are at stake and is trying to keep them safe. Nina and Heather aren't amused by her actions. Heather pleads with Cricket to hire Ronan, but but she doesn't budge.

Meanwhile, Ronan and Nina finally become closer due to their circumstances. Ronan and Heather start to bond as well when Cricket tells them she will contact Chance with Ronan's okay. Ronan tries to alienate Heather while ploting to leave Genoa City. Look for an edgier Chance (John Driscoll complete with a beard) to return to Genoa City soon.

Daniel: The artist figures out he's holding his baby girl, but don't expect him to buy any cigars. Daniel decides his daughter should remain with Billy and Victoria!

Nick: The Newman playboy has to figure out if he should squash his relationship with Diane or pursue it.  When Nick ulimimately decides to join his sisters in their fight against Dear Old Dad, look for a messy triangle to ensue.

Colin: The Aussie mobster pleads with Jill to elope. She should listen. Who wants a bloody wedding day?