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Wishful Casting: Finn Wittrock as JT; Jon and Kelley Menighan Hensley as Glen and Barb on DAYS

I can't believe the brass at All My Children is going to let one of the best reasons to watch the sudser, Finn Wittrock (Damon), walk out the door.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Damon and Liza's (Jamie Luner) combustible chemistry had me soapgasming all over the place last week. Well, I say Pine Valley's loss should be Salem's gain.


I would love to see Wittrock head over to Days of Our Lives as JT Rieber, the child Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) raised as a baby, before realizng he'd been switched with her now-deceased son Zack. I've been clamoring for a teenage JT to show up on Bope's doorstep in rebel mode for years, and now would be the perfect time.

The supercouple is going to need a new crisis to contend with once this prison story wraps. Why not have them deal with a surly JT, who resents Hope for not fighting Glen and Barb harder for him, because of his disastrous childhood with the pair? 

Maybe Barb and JT have had a less-than-loving stepmother/stepson relationship? Maybe he's a pothead, with no respect for authority? Maybe she came to resent Glen's child with another woman and favors her own children with Glen over JT? 

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How would former badboy-turned-Dudley-Do-Right Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) relate to a kid who acts much like he did when he first returned from the Merchant Marines all those years ago? SORAS Ciara to an impressionable and flirtatious 15, and the stakes are immediately raised.

After enduring the Nighttime Hope saga, Alfonso deserves a story which showcases Hope as the loving, tortured mother. Imagine Hope's guilt over how JT turned out eating away at her, causing her to overlook the threat the potentially dangerous young man could pose to her biological daughter. JT is the closest thing Hope has to a connection with her beloved Zack. That would have to color her perception of him, allowing JT to manipulate his almost mother in a juicy, soapy story arc.

To sweeten the pot, why not stunt cast real-life marrieds and former As The World Turns' stars Jon and Kelley Menighan Hensley as Glen and Barb in a recurring capacity? Hope and Glen could bond over their mutual affection for "their" troubled boy, resulting in a forbidden attraction. (Why should Bo always have all the fun?) Meanwhile, Barb, adament about kicking bad seed JT to the curb, connects with Bo, whose wariness about JT is misconstrued by Hope as lingering ill feelings about questions surrounding JT's paternity early on. Whaddya think?