All My Children's Walt Willey Talks "Big, Sloppy, Sharply-Pointed Quadrangle"


All My Children


Walt Willey

chewed the fat with

TV Guide's

Michael Logan 

about Jack's latest romantic predicament. 

TV Guide Magazine: How do you feel about this triangle? From the get-go it seemed like Jack would end up the odd-man out.

Willey: Well, it ain't over yet! And, actually, now that Krystal [Bobbie Eakes] is involved, it's really more like a big, sloppy, sharply pointed quadrangle. If you look at any of the polls, the fans really want to see Jack and Erica together but the writers don't seem to come up with a story for them as a couple. They're Moonlighting, they're Nick and Nora, as clever and funny as can be, but it's always the Sturm und Drang that carries us away.

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