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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Stefano and EJ Scheme To Take Safe Down!

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The Phoenix and EJ decide to go after Rafe and Sami through their marriage. EJ softens his stance with Sami visiting the children and Stefano is not thrilled by it. EJ does want Rafe to pay for sticking his nose into his business and tells his father the g-man isn't in the equation when he made semi-peace with Sami and wants him out of her life as well as his kids.

EJ lets Sami spend time with Sydney while he and Nicole stay with Johnny. Nicole asks EJ where does she fit in with the family now that he and Sami have a cease fire. His answer stuns Nicole. Later, EJ tells his father they have an advantage over Rafe and Sami. The Dimeras trump card? Nicole. While father and son are hatching their plan, Kate finds them and decides she wants to know what they are up to.

Vivian: Madam Alamain realizes her marriage to Victor isn't worth it. Vivian asks Victor to grant her a divorce.

Maggie: The widow Horton offers her home to Chloe and baby Parker.

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Sami/Nicole: The women have a heated showdown once again.

Stefano: He busts up EJ and Nicole's close moment.

Brady/Vivian/Victor: Kate dishes to Victor about hiding Vivian and Gus away on a private island owned by the Kiriakis' with Brady. Victor is very impressed by their scheme and gives Brady a pat on the back for his chutzpah. Victor clues Maggie in on what's going on, but she instead begs him to get Vivian back to Salem.

Maggie barters with the Kiriakis patriarch, one date with her for Viv's freedom. Victor tells his grandson to bring Vivian back and Brady goes off! Brady will take matters into his own hands, will he and Victor be on the outs?

Justin/Adrienne: The two get closer.

Rafe/Sami: The newlyweds get into a argument causing Rafe to get into an accident. When Sami learns of her husband's incident, she feels responsible.

Carly/Jennifer: Dr. Manning tells her BFF about the prison being involved in selling body parts. Watch for Jennifer Rose to lose her heart over this one.

Melanie: She falls after getting into a throw down with Stephanie. This incident makes Melanie rethink having an abortion. Chloe snitches to Philip about Mel's pregnancy and he heads over to visit with her to make things right. Philip learns Melanie was going to have an abortion and begs her to give him a second chance and to keep their kid.

Later, Melanie talks with Maggie and she tells Mel to listen to her heart. Mel fills her father in and Daniel tells his daughter he will stick by her. Melanie tells Daniel to keep quiet about her pregnancy to Carly since she's still steamed about her mother's deception. Mel's shocked to find out Nathan knows about her expectancy and he still wants to pursue a relationship.